YES YES YES! New Mizuno Pro 221 223 225 Irons

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I review the brand new 2022 Mizuno Pro Irons, the 221 iron, 223 iron and 225 iron testing them and providing my feedback on the looks, feel and performance. These forged golf irons replace Mizuno MP20 irons and look incredible! We have the Mizuno Pro 221 iron a forged muscle back blade iron, the 223 iron which replaces the MP20 MMC iron and then the new 225 HMB iron which is a hollow construction for fast ball speeds and maximum distance for longer and heighten ball flights!

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42 Replies to “YES YES YES! New Mizuno Pro 221 223 225 Irons”

  1. Perry Fuller says:

    I have the 225’s but wish it had the spin of the 223’s but the 225’s look class

  2. Greg Herman says:

    Thank you for the excellent content. Quickly have become the main source of gear information in our home. Appreciate the honest reviews, in depth explanations and that smooth swing of yours!

  3. I originally bought the JPX 923 HM Pros, thinking I’d be better off with a little more help and forgiveness…but, they are just too chunky for my likings…got re-fitted and wound up in the 221s…shocked how much better I hit them, though not as far as the 923 HMPs…but, the difference between the good and bad shots isn’t as big as the 923 HMPs….and even off center hits feel pretty good, unlike blades of yore that would sting the hands…

  4. Tony Parker says:

    I prefer the 221 for my game the club looks great and the distance is on average with my mp33’s. I like the smaller head also.

  5. Garry Lim says:

    Hi Michael, always loved your videos. I’m gaming the MP69 now, I find the Pro 221 looks very similar to the MP69, just wondering how much difference in performance will the Pro 221 yield. Would be great if you can comment or do a comparative video if possible.

  6. BA mit1515 says:

    223 just doesn’t look as good as 221s & 225s

  7. Truthdragon says:

    I got the 225’s GW – 3i, now waiting for the 221’s PW – 7i.
    Will either carry both 8i’s or both 7i’s.
    The 225’s are so strong lofted that I now take 8i for 175 yards (as it’s really a 7i).
    I miss the forged feel around the green, I play a lot of PW – 8i partial shots & the 225 lofts confuse my short game.

  8. D C says:

    Which would be closer to the feel of the titlest CB 714?

  9. Goblenator says:

    If you're left handed it's more like no yes no 👎

  10. Hunter says:

    I don’t know why this is, but I’ve used recently, what I would call, players irons, not tour irons. Examples are Apex, PXG P type, etc. They are really easy to hit but I am simply not accurate with them at all. When I go back to playing my old MP14s or PXG 0211 blades, I lose distance, thereby having to use the next iron up, but my ball striking gets a lot better. Do any of the commenters here have that same issue. A friend of mine says it’s a focus issue. He says I tend to really pay attention when I use blades, and when I use a club with forgiveness, I get sloppy on the swing. Anyone else have this issue?

  11. chargers9221 says:

    Any of these similar to the MP-29s?

  12. J Tudhope says:

    I actually think the 225 is the best looking

  13. Chris Merry says:

    How come you hit 4 irons more than me !!!!!! – Its a 7 wood 190 yds for me -a 6 iron for you!

  14. I want the 223 head size with the 221 looks and finish. 😔

  15. Warren Gaul says:

    Awaiting my 225 to arrive, if only I was good enough for the 221 but at a 14 handicap it's not wise. Beautiful clubs and as usual a great review.

  16. usa4x4trucks says:

    I just don’t like the “script” Mizuno Pro lettering…other than that they look great!!!

  17. Sirhc says:

    Low teens hcp. Attended a Mizuno demo recently. Was fit to the 225 (Project X lz 6.0), over the JPX Forged and 223. 225 launched best for me.

  18. M W says:

    just bougt a set of 221's with the Project X LZ 6.0 and they are GLORIOUS! I will be putting keeping the 4 /5 iron in the closet and using my T Made 770 for a mixed set

  19. Jay Chu says:

    I tried all 3. If you can hit the 223 you can hit the 221 and for me it’s so much better in terms of feel….221s are surprisingly forgiving. 223s have jacked up lofts and look like a Ping 210. Bit big too for a players iron. I’m coming from a T100 and size wise very similar to 221. The biggest improvement are the 225s….looks great and a pure distance set. Competes with 770s and 790s… but better feel.

  20. Mark Boreham says:

    Demoed the 223 and 225, liked the 223 better and actually it felt better than 225 and distance was within 2-3 yards.

  21. Mike West says:

    Please do a 223/225 combo set gapping session. Would love to see the adjustments required and how the two clubs can compliment each other!

  22. Great review, very thorough

  23. I can’t wait to pick up a cheap used set of 921s after everyone upgrades to these lol

  24. Javier Nunez says:

    I swing between 118-123 with the driver, scratch player. Do you think the 225 comes out too hot for me?

  25. Andrew Lim says:

    Great Review Video!, I have pre ordered 223 (5-GW), 223 all the way for me.

  26. Twig Hart says:

    Michael, I currently have a combo set of the MP20’s 4-9 iron. Have you tested the 225 2 iron?? I’m thinking of adding this to my bag and if it’s better than the Fli Hi model

  27. Paul Stewart says:

    No idea whether to get the 221 or just a used set of MP20 blades. Mizuno blades hardly change over the years. Owned TP-9 and MP4 and Mp20 for about 4 days on loan, and hit the 221 yesterday. All, I know is that I keep going back to them hahaha. Just no idea what to stick with. Usually older blades aren't looked after well.

  28. Efficiency between 223 and 225 is identical. 223 much higher spin. I found the exact same thing at my fitting…went in thinking 225 was the club, but left with a new set of 223s. Beautiful irons.

  29. I've seen a hater comment and thought to give my feedback. Love your Vids and content. I have been watching for a few years and always appreciate your perspective on club reviews. Cheers

  30. MrEasyaloha says:

    I was very ready love these. Meh, if you like soft feel try the Callaway Apex pro’s

  31. Lars Stehr says:

    Really hooked on the 223s. Would You recommend these for a hcp 10-player, (looking to get lower)?

  32. TW 11 says:

    Can you do a comparison between the mp25 and the 223 please? Marketing and loft aside I am guessing they are basically the same iron? Thanks

  33. Rufuss Thoo says:

    Damn those 221s look sweet.

  34. Hopefully you'll take this constructively. Please try and stop saying, "sort of". Makes it hard to watch your videos when you say that every 20 seconds throughout. Also, acoustic doesn't have a 'y' in the middle of it!

  35. Bernie Price says:

    Gaming JPX-921 Forged/Tour mix set now but have ordered 225’s 2-5 iron, 223’s 6-PW. Very excited to get them. I’ve played a lot of different irons over the years, Mizuno are the best IMHO

  36. RiverRuns NC says:

    Very nice review Michael! I just can’t understand why they do not make the 223 blade-like. Same with MMC. Why?

  37. ahastar1141 says:

    Would be interested to see how the 223 compares to the JPX 921 tour

  38. Paul Carter says:

    could you retro test the mp69's with the 221's – wonder how much has changed over 10yrs

  39. Tommy M says:

    How does the blade length of the 221 compare to that of the t100?

  40. Dan Tracy says:

    Playing the MP 18 SC and want to upgrade to the 223. Gotta get over to the fitter. These things look amazing.

  41. I have the JPX 900 Forged and would consider the 223 & 225 Combo. Beautiful looking sticks.

  42. Is the 223 the upgrade of the 919 forged?

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