You are wasting your money on the wrong golf balls!! Mid handicap golf balls need to be right in order to driver the golf ball longer and driver the golf ball straight. To strike your irons like the tour pros, pure your irons and stop your chipping yips you need to have the right golf ball and i have found it!

You and 90% of mid hcp golfers are wasting their money on the wrong golf ball. This for me is the best selling golf ball ever and in fact the number 1 ball in golf. The best selling golfers, number 1 golf ball in golf! When buying golf balls especially mid handicap golfers we all want to know what is the best golf ball, the best golf ball for you, best golf ball for me, the best golf ball for mid handicap golfers, best golf ball for high handicap golfers, what is the best budget golf ball, the best cheap golf ball, best budget golf ball.

In this golf video and golf ball review Top 50 golf coach Alex Elliott talks through the best golf ball for mid handicap golfers. Could it be a srixon golf ball, callaway golf ball, titlelist golf ball, Titleist Pro-V1x? Let’s find out!


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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    What golf ball are you using right now? This may sway your decision

  2. I’m a 67 yrs old 12 handicap, having had 2 spine surgeries, 3 Knee surgeries. I have tried so many different balls ranging fro pro v’s, titleist DL, Taylormade, Srixon, Wilson, Callaway and Kirkland. The ball that I settled with is a ball most players won’t even consider…Precept which cost $24 for a double dozen. Can’t understand why I like them but they seem to work for me. Maybe because I don’t care if I lose one.

  3. Gallixy Mike says:

    Kirkland is $22 for 2 dozen not 1

  4. bono5112 says:

    Vice Pro 12 HC

  5. I am a 10 handicap and like the extra distance off the T and yellow , I use the Calloway Supersoft off the T then change to a pro V1 if the chip needs to be a spinner. The super softs are cheap but not durable. I use the Pro V1 for any shot under 130 yards . Is this cheating ? Who cares but my own soul…. I am not competing so it is not. I am careful when switching balls to use a preferred lie type situation, only in the fairway and if the lie is bad by the green then I leave it as a penalty for a bad shot. I never putt with that terrible Calloway … I hate it putting but I get 15 yards off the t and 8 -10 yards with a 7 Iron and it stops on the green within 5 ft of my ProV1. I also chip and pitch practice with each , same motion and power , that way I know what to expect with each ball. My putting is 1/2 stroke better with a Titleist ball ….. Having a clean ball in my pocket for putting helps pace of play to.

  6. Kasey Foust says:

    I switch between the Kirkland's and Bridgestone e12.

  7. Dylan Moore says:

    The Kirklands are phenomenal until you hit something slightly abrasive and then the cover is gone. Recently I've been playing the Maxfli straightfli or the warbird 2.0

  8. Frank D says:

    I play Vice Pro and/or Snell MTB. Both are great golf balls and offer real value and quality performance. I am a 12 index.

  9. I enjoy using Vice balls. Still on the cheaper end, but a premium ball that compares to some of the best in the pack. Also, I like the vibe.

  10. Callaway super soft handicap was 17, now 27 ball unchanged.

  11. James Groome says:

    What aboutvthe trusty Ad333

  12. Ace Oswell says:

    Im bouncing back and forth between the chromesoft triple track and the erc triple track ,really hard to tell a difference. 18 handicapper

  13. WHS 17.2 and lately have been playing with Vice Pro Plus Shade. Love the feel and flight trajectory.

  14. Dan Pollard says:

    I’m a 21 hcp and I play Vice Pro

  15. Chris Pinn says:

    Still using the Bridgestone E6 – currently playing off 10

  16. Brian Dovey says:

    I'm a real high hacker and will play anything i find or the lake balls I buy, have no control or any idea why apart from no where near where i want them to go!😂😂

  17. Skye PRF says:

    I am living nearby a golf course… i can try any brand of balls! Difficult to see a real difference between V1, Srixon, Brigstone, TP5 and even the new Kirkland (while those ones seems stiffer), and Callaway

  18. I’m a 17 handicap and play with Callaway soft balls not to high price balls

  19. Daniel o says:

    I play hand-me-downs

  20. codi carlson says:

    I really like vice pro and Tpx5 pix( buy the tpx5 used ) I play of 13.7 right now

  21. chris wood says:

    If i have to buy at store before round. Im going srixon soft feel.
    If i have time to order i am going to get oncore elixir. I love the soft feel.
    2nd order is used taylormade response.

  22. Lefty Duffer says:

    18 handicap here with slower swing speed so I tend to go for softer feel 2-piece balls. Recently starting using Callaway Supersoft….I like it so far but the jury is still out.

  23. I use the Kirkland in the winter when it’s easier to lose a ball because of the amount of leaves on the ground and never touched any other ball than the Qstar for spring and summer golf. The feel around the greens and off the putter is amazing but I’ve actually changed my ball now and gone over to the Taylormade Tour Response. For me it out plays and feels better than the Qstar, but I know it’s a personal thing.
    One thing you said at the start made me smile when you said mid handicap was around 13/18 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks as most other you tubers go on about mid being around 7/10

  24. You say qstar but show qstar tour. Different golf balls play the tour .

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