Your Gap Wedge is Wrong

This video was originally posted on Feb 15, 2023 on Elite Fit Golf channel.

In this video we look at if your gap wedge should match your other wedges or match your irons?


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  1. I agree with you, AJ. Both of my iron sets: Mizuno JPX800 and Ping "G" contain the OEM Gap wedge for their respective model irons. In both instances purchased the Gap wedge in a separate order/transaction.
    The behavior of the irons in each set makes my playing selection more consistent.
    Great video and topic!

  2. D.C. McCoy says:

    If your wedge is 51°, why is your launch angle 31°?

  3. Agree. Have a matching AW, works fine.

  4. Rufuss Thoo says:

    My GW is primarily a full shot club, so I agree AJ. But, as you say, it can be hard, if not impossible, to find a GW that matches your irons. Many brands do not make a GW in many of their lines, especially better player irons. I'm guessing that's because they assume better players will do what the Pros do, but it doesn't help us short-hitting, low handicappers, does it?.

  5. Mike Snowden says:

    I've got JPX 921 HMs, and had got T22 LW, SW, GW. Off my best shots, the gapping was perfect, but I increasingly began to realise that I was hitting a lot of full gap wedges, and coming up short. My belief is that this was influenced by the T22 having heel weighting, so a toe hit was particularly bad. So I changed GW to the S23, which is designed to blend with the 923 series, and is centre weighted. I've stopped coming up short….

    The S23 gives you the flexibility to select bounce and grind, but works far better as an iron. They do have "set" gap wedges too, but I like a smoother switch into specialist wedges. Sold.

  6. jim60631 says:

    Biggest difference is he swung the iron set GW ~4mph faster than the Mizuno GW. Not much else.

  7. w.a. manning says:

    AJ is right…modern GW of today has the same loft as a PW from 20 years ago.

  8. I'm interested in what you think is the best gapping for the three specialty wedges when the pitching wedge is 44 degrees

  9. Just purchased a set of Mizuno Pro 233 5-PW with UST recoil 95 F4 and already have a set of Mizuno T22 wedges (50/54/60) w dynamic gold steel shafts. Are you saying it is better to get the Pro 233 GW to match this set? And since the irons have the recoil shafts, should I also get my wedges in the same recoil shafts?

  10. I see you are still gaming those sub 70s must really be nice. Love that raw rusty finish

  11. Eric Bond says:

    What irons do you game?

  12. What’s the explanation as to why this is? Longer length club? Lie? Plain blade vs tech? Fitting? Gotta be a reason??

  13. E S says:

    I'm 65 y.o. so my distances are not what they used to be. My PW has a loft of 45° (reduced from the stock 47°) and I found that a gapping of 6° to 7° works for me. That being said, I play a 52° AW and a 58° SW. My distances are: PW 105 yds., AW 90 yds., and SW 75 yds. While my iron set is the Taylor Made P7MC I was not able to get a gap wedge in that set. Instead I did stick with TM but got the Hi-Toe wedges which is still a pretty good match.

  14. I agree. My Callaway X forged only went to 46* pitching wedge and I have the 54*&58* full toe callaway wedges so I bought another pitching wedge that matched the set off EBay and had it bent to 50* and it works great for me. I just painted the P a different color so I wouldn’t get them confused and I had the shaft cut to Gap wedge length. Great videos! Love your channel!

  15. David Bozic says:

    This is why I play iWin single length irons from 5 thru 58 degree lob with great success.😺

  16. Interesting. I think I'll stick the gap wedge that came with my set of Hot Metals in my bag and see if it's better than the 50 degree Volkey SM7 currently in the bag. I've made some OK to good shots with the Volkey, but it seems like I have to step on it to get it to fly 115 yards which is between my sand wedge (100) and PW (130). And when I step on it sometimes my miss is left or even bad left. Or bladed. I sometimes joke that I can hit my gap wedge farther than my 7-iron.

  17. CG MC says:

    Your awesome!!

  18. Phil R says:

    I previously had 46,48,52,56 and used 56 for almost everything around the green. Tested 58 and loved it! Now have 46,52,58 and am much happier.

  19. Bill Malec says:

    Gap wedge is just a pitching wedge in 'older Iron sets' because they stamped 9 on the 8 iron to make people feel warm fuzzy. Now your PW is the 9 iron and you 'need' a 'gap wedge'. 🤦
    I have traditional lofted Hogan PTx Pro irons and have 58, 54, and 50° Hogan wedges. I just call them by their loft and don't use the term gap, sand, and lob because I use all of them out of sand at times.

  20. Cybek Golf says:

    If you want 5 more yards why not just adjust the loft? Accomplishes the same thing.

  21. P Rex says:

    I use my gap wedge around the greens a lot. I think most amateur players like me should use less loft around the greens.

  22. My Gap Wedge is my favorite wedge, 52 deg vokey SM9 Full swing from 120yds. However, it is my go to "around the greens" wedge, with the exception of bunkers and massively heavy rough (60deg). I guess the argument could be made that my 56 should match the set as that actually is the wedge that i really only use full swing Also I already play a combo set of sorts. Matching Mizuno Pro 2 iron from 2-8 iron, 9&p mp63 and sm9 vokey wedges 52,56,60.

  23. I now use my 52deg for a lot of flop shots and it is away better than the 60 deg. Chips rolling up greens. So I keep the 60 deg for straight forward flops but the 52deg is used for very tricky flop shots with a full open face. Much better fell, I keep a 48 deg in the bag too , plays very different from my PW 43 deg. I have popped over massive trees 100ft high to green centre with the AW/48deg from 110 yards out. The PW would fly over this shot. So 5 wedges but 6I is my longest iron now.

  24. Signet 145 says:

    I literally just ordered my set’s gap wedge a few days ago. My current GW matched my SW and the weight and bounce just didn’t work for me.

  25. Iain M says:

    I actually use my gap wedge more for half and 3/4 shots. I have the set gap wedge and the issue I find with it is that for Chipping it can come off hot

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