Your iron shots can be much better – iron golf swing basics

Improve your iron game with these golf swing basics. Stop losing cheap shots on the golf course with poor iron strikes and poor iron swings. Use this golf swing drill to start hitting better golf shots today.


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  1. You make it look so easy

  2. Most of the club head acceleration occurs from it releasing forward and down around the hand from the point in the downswing the hands drop down over the trail hip and shaft reaches parallel with ground—where gravity can act to accelerate it without the hands getting in the way. The critical thing at that point is are relaxed forearms and grip which allows the wrists to freely unhinge — waggle action — and a coordinated combination of side bending of the spine to keep the hand moving around body at a consistent radius then lifting the back foot to keep the hip moving.

    So its not really any conscious wrist action, just not preventing it from accelerating because of too tight a grip restricting wrist hinge and/or keeping too much weight on the trail foot — reverse pivot — which prevents release of hips/shoulders/hands. That side bend action does as shoulders come back parallel is tilt the shoulders more than hips making lead arm more vertical as it flies down and forwards which causes the club head to release around the hands down the target line rather than whipping around the feet pulling face open.

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