You've Been Holding the Club Wrong Your Whole Life (Huge Discovery!)

I’m sure at some point you’ve been taught to hold the golf club like you’re “holding a baby bird” or “holding a tube of toothpaste without trying to squeeze any toothpaste out of it”. I was taught the same way with the idea that lighter grip pressure was always good for your golf swing and that’s what you needed to do for the best results.

Surprisingly, holding the club light in your hands creates a whole bunch of potential problems in every area of your golf game – from the golf swing to chipping and pitching, and even putting. When you hold the club lightly, it allows for it to wobble and move around during your swing. This lack of security in your grip makes it difficult to return the club squarely at impact. It can also get your wrists moving excessively which can cause flipping and other contact issues.

Holding the golf club tightly – firmly in your hands – does the opposite. While it will feel very different, Bryson Dechambeau says a tight hold on the club sends signals through your body that the golf club isn’t going anywhere and that you can just send it…not bad advice from a guy who rips the ball nearly 400 yards. I can attest to this. I used to grip the golf club so lightly and, even though it was secure in my hands, I still felt like the club was moving too much into places it shouldn’t be…then one day I started gripping it really firm and amazing things happened…I got my accuracy back, the ball was traveling farther, and I putted lights out!

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0:00 You’ve Been Gripping the Club Wrong?!
0:39 The Secret to Hitting FARTHER
2:00 How Should You Hold the Club?
3:28 How You Hold the Club Can FIX Your Swing
4:45 The LONGEST Golfers Hold the Club Like This
6:24 This Can Improve Your Putting by 10 Shots!
8:05 This Improves Your Chipping and Pitching

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my instructional page where you can find how to get on the fast track to improving your golfing abilities. Whether you are a seasoned golfing veteran looking for a quick swing tune-up after an on-course emergency, or a beginner just looking to get the most out of your golfing experience, I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing doctor is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

My philosophy is wholly based on the student having a fun, meaningful experience in a frustrating and complicated game where potential lifelong golfers either quit because it is too difficult or that they experience some form of swing-related pain or discomfort. I mitigate these problems by focusing entirely on the student’s needs and goals while teaching a golf swing method that ultimately takes stress off of the common pain areas of the swing.


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    40 Replies to “You've Been Holding the Club Wrong Your Whole Life (Huge Discovery!)”

    1. SagutoGolf says:

      Like 👍this video and comment below if it helped you improve your golf game!

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    2. Mike Rodrick says:

      Holding it tighter can lead to tension in the shoulders arms & hands which kills clubhead speed. Obviously you don't want it moving in your hands but holding it like a baby bird or toothpaste isn't even relatable. But a baseball traveling at 90mph provides speed against the bat whereas the golf ball is just sitting on the ground forcing us to provide all of the energy to get it to fly the distance we need. Impact against a moving object is totally different than a stationary one in that sense. Grip pressure is the least stressed part of golf instruction & at least Tom is bringing it out. Although, it's really difficult to teach if the wrong references are used. I've never held a baby bird & not squeezing a toothpaste tube for grip pressure isn't really much better because your pressure usually changes during the swing. It's as simple as holding it only as with enough pressure that you can feel the weight of the clubhead & not the weight of the entire club. If you can't feel the clubhead, your pressure is too tight. Lighen up till you can & keep it as close to that as you can during the entire swing & it should be right.

    3. Dan Jenero says:

      Tom It looks like you use an oversize grip. Is a larger grip ok for most players?

    4. Had a problem with swinging for the fences with no distance…turns out I wasn’t holding the club with my right hand as well as it should have been. Added 20-30 yards onto 7 iron.

    5. I’ve been advocating the breaking of this myth for years, especially for putting! Good job!😊

    6. lokidecat says:

      My coach told me, "Yes, he did say to hold it like a baby bird. But he also had a career as a bricklayer and his lands were very strong, so it's not a good gauge.."

    7. Ryan M. says:

      No more talk about a sport ya don’t know please. But the golf stuff is awesome, no less.

    8. ChelipeFavez says:

      Love this Tom! Also one of my favorite things Hogan says in ‘Power Golf’ that the grip should be AIR-TIGHT!!

    9. Parski says:

      I can’t believe I haven’t heard this before 😳
      I tried this (gripping firmer with the right hand) in the simulator and it works! 👍🏻
      I can control the club much more and HIT the ball much harder through impact.

      I have been to several golf schools and watched hundreds, if not thousands, of golf instructional videos, and (like you said) everyone says:
      “Grip it lightly;
      … like 3 on a scale of 1-10”
      … like “holding a baby bird”
      or “so light that someone could almost pull the club out of your hand”.
      They said “gripping it tight makes your forearms and wrists too tight and “tension kills the golf swing”

      BUT …
      I never heard anyone say “grip it TIGHTER!”
      … makes so much sense.
      Maybe grip it at 3 with the left hand, but SEVEN with the RIGHT HAND.

      I always felt like, with a light grip the club moved around in my hands, and that at impact it was more of a flick or flip since the grip was so light.

      I remember some of your early videos and heard you say “you gotta send it” and “HAMMER it!”. But, how can you do that With a light grip? 🤷🏼‍♂️

      I’ve also been confused about the right hand grip … “point the ‘V’ to the chin” or “point the ‘V’ outside the right shoulder”. With a light grip, nothing felt right.
      Weak or strong? 🤷🏼‍♂️
      But if you grip it firmer with the right hand, you know where it should be to HAMMER the back of the ball ☝🏻

      They jury is still out …(until I can get outside on the golf course in the Spring when the snow is gone here in Chicago) 😏 but, I like it so far in the simulator 👍🏻

    10. B Spray says:

      Love the information but I wish he could talk about what would happen if u grip it too hard.. the whole purpose of this video is because people grip it too softly, but there’s a reason for that and why they don’t grip it too hard in the first place.. like why is it a misconception to grip it soft/what would happen when we grip it “too” hard.. it’s hard to measure how hard to grip it when speaking in general terms of “just grip it”harder”.. like what are some of the cons for gripping it too hard and why do people have the misconception of gripping it softly in the first place/what would Sam Snead(pga tour pro tied with most wins ever)have to say about this, excellent video tho

    11. clw22580 says:

      Gotterup BOOMER!

    12. Odddball6 says:

      Forget the baby bird, think about a chicken!

      Oh, did I say that out loud?……rofl

    13. No matter how light your grip pressure is on the club your muscles will automatically tighten up on the grip in the backswing whether you like it or not

    14. Sleeper says:

      "You got the world by the…..HANDS!" 😅

    15. You have oversized grips. ?

    16. Ron Mullard says:

      I read an article some years ago which stated to start off with a lighter grip as you automatically increase your grip pressure through swing and into impact….as gripping to tight causes tension in muscles which doesn't allow for fluid swing….

    17. Brian Fraher says:

      Thanks, Tom. Great lesson. Firmer is better for sure. p.s. the grips on your irons look like putter grips.

    18. cuckoo says:

      Yet another quality, funny video from my favorite channel across the pond

    19. Mr2guns09 says:

      Tom really weird that you posted this just now. Last week I literally started trying this in my net and noticed how much more consistent I was, feeling like I had full control of the club with a tight grip. Tried it on range worked, tried it on the course had a great round. Same with putts and chips)

      I’ve been working on it now getting my feet into a really stable position at setup. Feeling like I’m just working with my hands and everything else is still. Big hinge and smashing the ball on the way down. Watched a video of myself and I actually turned my hips and shoulders better than when I was purposely trying to turn shoulders then fire hips with a sausage roll holding grip. Saw this video this morning and thought I had to share this. I feel more comfortable continuing this theory now the crispy fried chicken champ does it too 🍗

    20. steve perry says:

      tom, your grips look like mega jumbo.

    21. The hair is coming back!

      This is great and all, but how should I hold a lady?

    22. wayne smith says:

      Hey Tom. What size and brand are your grips.

    23. Yes! I teach this to people all the time. Swing like your trying to break through a wall!

    24. Big fan of your teaching, and swing and a fellow creator too! If anyone ever needed your help it is me, LOL I have more power leaks in my swing than the Titanic Had when it sank! I live in Spartanburg area, have a simulator in my shop and would love to comedown for a lesson and then follow up with video? I am back to the game after 10 years off, with multiple back and neck surgeries from a work injury. So, I have more Titanium in my body than anyone's clubs, LOL I need extra crispy!! Now my next question is this, what size are those grips?

    25. easytouch77 says:

      The only thing I’ll say is, I could see too much grip pressure restricting the wrist hinge. Which is important for power.

    26. markkremser says:

      I broke out laughing several times during this one

    27. Jim Riebe says:

      I grip it like I'm gripping a full grown ostrich🤣 And I bet Chris Gotterup got in a lot of fights in school.🤔😁

    28. My problem is when I grip it firm but my arms tend to tense up. How do I keep it firm and loose at the same time?

    29. Matt Harvey says:

      Awesome video! What size Jumbo Max are you using ? Thinking of moving to these on my irons. Just installed the medium on my driver and love it

    30. BobC777 says:

      I love how you think outside the box & don't assume everything we've heard for the last 50 years is correct!

    31. I have tried to hold my club like a baby bird in the past. I felt at impact that I was not getting 100% of the distance I should get. Even if everything I have read said the opposite. I went back to a firmer pressure grip. I am glad to see that I am not the only one thinking that.

    32. tom miller says:

      As always great stuff. Started holding some tighter and it does have better results. I also switched from interlock grip to 10 finger grip for the same reason.

    33. ApeXtc says:

      This advice is slightly misleading . people confuse GRIP with WRIST. I believe we should tell everyone firm grip; loose wrists. The wrists should be like a hinge; loose.

    34. It’s Muff… it’s a big hunk of nobs, it has the juice

    35. Tom…what size grips do you use? They look like oversized. I switched to mid size a few years ago, and really like them.

    36. Joey Numsen says:

      Firm grip loose wrists. Simple as that.

    37. Gary Urtiaga says:

      Zip your zipper up babe!

    38. R C says:

      The Sam Snead “baby bird” grip advice ruined the first 25 years of my golf journey. Things changed radically for the better once I began to use a firm, consistent group throughout the entire swing.

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