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20 Replies to “឴”

  1. I think Kwon enjoyed getting knocked out. lol

  2. eskjesse says:

    where is the title

  3. CFC DEANO says:

    Thumbnail says it all

  4. Anya Neez says:

    need more slurs in the next vid tbh

  5. SHARK says:

    The cameraman Lewis is probably the worst part of the video hating on shots and then saying it’s easy to hit a Fairway. I’ve never seen this man swing. 👎🏻

  6. 40M Prxdigy says:

    i really feel like matt used to play a lot better when tig was around
    i think they had a really good friendly competition between the two
    they always seemed to be battling back and forth
    i don’t know if matt is in a slump or it’s just because bubbie and steve have gotten so much better but he hasn’t seemed to be himself lately

  7. luke hits a "bad" shot and i wish i could hit it that good.

  8. Garrett is truly a short game master! 😦

  9. golph says:

    Why did u get scared garret

  10. It still feels like AJ is uncomfortable with being on camera

  11. 18:23 the bunny sprinting across lmao

  12. Sebestine says:

    Loved the knock out sad sagment lol

  13. pmdbrowncow says:

    Ending the video that way was pure genius.

  14. A lot of tour pros would pay for Garrett’s short game

  15. justin broom says:

    Need another infected challenge

  16. NEBULI says:

    18:22 there is some nice wild life racing by .

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