⛳️P Wedge vs. ⚾️ Bat? Who wins? #baseball #golf

28 Replies to “⛳️P Wedge vs. ⚾️ Bat? Who wins? #baseball #golf”

  1. Gabe says:

    Love this and the Wii music in the background

  2. Gerald Aime says:

    only reason i liked the video is because it had wii sports music

  3. BARNZYEDITZ says:

    What app do you use for the tracer?

  4. Kyle Kissack says:

    Please do more fungo golf

  5. Hey rac go check out a video I just posted asking about what I can do to fix my swing I would really appreciate it your videos that are teach drills really help just want to know what you would tweak about my swing

  6. Tyler Thies says:

    This is awesome. Definitely need more golf

  7. Flix says:

    Wii music is a W

  8. Hi Coach I’m 12 years old and need help with not turning my head away from the ball. Have any tips?

  9. RorzaEditz says:

    Wii music goes hard

  10. Go Red Sox says:

    There is this kid on my baseball team who says ur his moms cousin his last name is Seeger is he lying lll

  11. CJ says:

    Day 10, Coach rac I have a problem, I never swing with my whole body. I never use my hips it’s always my arms and just my arms. Could you make a video to help us hitters that can’t get our hip muscles activated

  12. Grace Ann says:

    the wii music😊

  13. Day 16 of asking for a bat collection video

  14. How do you make the line follow the baseball after you hit it?

  15. a dog says:

    Oof, the music algo did not hit on this one man. Please use something else lol. Fun video as always! Big fan and want to see you get bigger. Constructive criticism only!

  16. Nice vid we need me fungo golf vids

  17. Beau Strauss says:

    Day 5 swing all the way through drill

  18. QUANDAIL😈 says:


    Like this is actually fun to watch plz 😀

  19. PIN ME PLS I love u couch rac!!

  20. Coach rac, should we be throwing heavy balls at age 13+? I’ve heard mixed opinions on this so I’d like to hear your advice

  21. Rac I got a question, So Im seeing a lot of people playing travel ball and on great teams, is it bad I'm not right before hs (14 u) I'm small and afraid I don't have what it takes to make it. Any advice?

  22. I am a big fan can u pin me I am subcribed and I liked the video

  23. Best coach ever! With the grunt 😂😂

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