100% WEIGHT FORWARD? ➡️ The Wrench Drill ➡️

The biggest deficiency of skill in every regular golfer is they inability to control the low-point of the swing. That means they cannot hit the ground in the same place every time they swing, and seldom do they EVER hit the ground far enough forward to promote the optimal ball, then ground, contact.

The number 1 reason that golfers are so deficient in this skill is because they never have their weight far enough forward – towards the target – at any point during their set-up or their swing.

Conversely, the best ball strikers ALL have their weight forward at set-up and then have it further forward at impact, and further forward still in the finish. ➡️➡️➡️

In this video, I explore the reasons why most golfers never fully grasp this skill, and it’s got a lot to do with poor instruction. I’ll also discuss how YOU need to be more open to the idea of making BIGGER changes to elicit a far greater shift in terms of a swing change. You’re not making this change because:

1. You’re not told to.
2. You’re not exaggerating the feeling enough.

Staying comfortable is a sure fire way to guarantee zero change and mediocre performance! Be brave… and try 100% WEIGHT FORWARD next time you practice or play.

CAN YOU DO THIS? – https://youtu.be/Cy9-RSnIaw4
THE PROP – https://youtu.be/txaEKlrL4Dk

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46 Replies to “100% WEIGHT FORWARD? ➡️ The Wrench Drill ➡️”

  1. Dan Smith says:

    When I took up golf in my 40s I read lots of conventional instruction books that all emphasized starting with more weight on the trail side. I struggled with an OTT swing and lots of shanking short irons. One day I tried keeping all my weight forward. Immediately I struck the ball solidly and without shanking. I couldn't believe it. This contradicted all I had read about the golf swing. Surely good players didn't play that way. I continued the way I had been playing and it's only recently that I've allowed myself to set up with more weight on the forward side. Wish I'd had the courage of my convictions many years ago.

  2. I picked up golf during the pandemic and spent loads of money working with PGA professionals… I’ve noticed an instant improvement with the S&T method and I feel a lot more confident on the first tee.

  3. At the range today, I tried this and really exaggerated the left shift. It helped my contact and freed me up to swing with more power. Love S&T and you are without a doubt the best instructor. Thanks for all your help. RJ.

  4. rab macnab says:

    hi rob benn trying this for a year I'm now 7 from 12 hcap but i struggle off the deck still inconsistent mainly fat would be happy to pay you if you do on line video analysis any help appreciated best rab

  5. You must be moving your ball position forward too, aren’t you?

  6. Jarrod Dale says:

    Cant wait to try this guilt free…thank you

  7. Brian says:

    Do I do this off the t and with driver. I have done lessons been to course range last few months and I keep leaning back. My back ankle and hip actually hurt because I shoot off my back leg. I can’t break the habit. So move hip and weight forward? Please if someone can answer about driver and off t.

  8. s2k442 says:

    I've tried this drill and it works! Honestly I use this setup now all the time playing. Nearly 80% weight forward and stay centered. More solid contact every time.

  9. Travis Case says:

    Jim Venetos has taught this for years.

  10. Pleroma says:

    Soooo this can work with the driver as well

  11. Juan Sanchez says:

    I'll let you know when I shoot my first 69….!!! Thanks for taking the time to teach…!!! God Bless

  12. Absolutely no question. I worked on this over the winter won the first comp I entered played a 4 man scramble and completely carried the team when normally i would be in the passenger seat. I focus mainly on keeping my left foot flat to the ground, and pressed firmly, and my right elbow tucked into my side. Then i turn and the rest takes care of itself.

  13. 0:01 0:01 0:01 hi, I’ve been watching the wrench drill and wanted to know if you are starting the downswing by uncoiling your body and when do the arms start?

  14. Rob Vasey says:

    Rob, (I like your first name, for obvious reasons)
    I am one of the 99% of golfers you talk about who don't have their weight forward enough. I just turned 51 and have been golfing, frustratingly, since around the age of 12, so about 39 years with a gap of 15 years when I gave up on playing. I decided to start again with a brand new set of clubs.
    Your technique in this video has transformed my ball striking for the better. I can't believe the results I'm getting form hitting the ball with my weight FORWARD!! There's nothing one needs to think about during the back and forward swing such as proper timing of shifting your weight, turning the wrists at ball impact to make sure the driver face is closed, etc. There's just too much to have to think about but not with your technique.
    I'm playing with a set of Wishon EQ1-NX single length irons. It's the same swing for every club in the bag. This eliminates the variables of having to do different swings depending on the iron you're using for any given scenario. So, with your easy weight forward and the single length same swing, it has transformed my game for the better. Rob, I truly can't thank you enough for this video. In my opinion, this video is the best one on Youtube hands down!

  15. Matthew Hunt says:

    Ive just come off a lesson and my sway back makes me slide, when i didnt sway it felt like a reverse pivot – does this restrict left hip open at impact at all?

  16. I tried this drill the other day and it improved my quality of contact immediately. The only thing I struggled with was a feeling from time to time that I was too far in front of the ball and I hit a few shots right. Is this possibly a ball position issue?

  17. Dick Nastee says:

    Weight forward, without your head crossing the line? 🤔

  18. Dick Nastee says:

    The more forward I get, my brain freaks out be cause I feel like I've gone too far past the ball. Is it normal to go past, or Do I need to put the ball farther up in the stance? 😮

  19. E. A says:

    Not hitting off mats will help 100 percent, but i love your videos and appreciate your help

  20. Good stuff Rob. I know a couple of PGA teaching Pro's and when we are having a beer or two, they will say they don't teach weight forward because that's not the way they were taught. Somewhat short sighted on their part (I think) because since I have been using Stack & Tilt going on one year now my ball striking has improved 200%. I will also tell you as a bonus that I don't have aches an pains after a round. Thanks again.

  21. Mark Cmar says:

    if you dont believe this system ,,, watch Rory's swing in slow motion

  22. Ira Shoff says:

    Thanks for this video Rob Cheny. What an amazing way to explain this golf swing. And DO it Everyone should at least try it. So worth it.

  23. Ro Bo says:

    Brilliant thank you Rob great video
    much appreciated

  24. D-Nice says:

    Is it hips forward only or hips and shoulders?

  25. MartialGolf says:

    Can you just develop a full swing and game around this? Reminds me of a Troy Matteson swing

  26. Jim Vitali says:

    One of the two best drills ever! This and the stop fast .. completely changed my iron game and GIR

  27. You should say, all your Hip Weight forward or they will Post their Lead Leg then it will be harder to do the drill, I know, I did it.

  28. Do you know how many Instructors tell you not to swing Inside or Behind you? What's funny, after I post this they will start and copy what you are doing, trying to make it their Idea, most Instructors F-up the Game of Golf practicing the opposite being shown here…

  29. Rob…moved into this position following your advice….simplifies the swing as you recommend….a must for seniors…..great advice and a very instructive video

  30. Jesse Gill says:

    Hi Rob, I have been using S&T for the past year and I can say I am hitting the ball much better. Lately, I feel my weight might have been moving back slightly and my strike consistency declined. I will try this drill next time at the range. Thanks

  31. So weight forward is actually hips forward? Thanks Rob

  32. Paul Morris says:

    Rob are there any adjustments for senior golfers in the stack and tilt swing?

  33. fund8r says:

    Awesome video. Nothing has helped my ball striking more than this.

  34. Dumb question. Why is it called wrench drill?

  35. Larry Chapin says:

    This is as "fundamental" as it gets. Thanks

  36. A. Voltär says:

    Amazing tip 👍🏻

  37. Richard Fox says:

    Thanks Rob. Very good that you illustrate, and explain clearly that you actually achieve weight forward by moving your lead hip forward! This was a very important piece of information for me to be able to understand! Especially with the compass analogy. Best regards, Richard.

  38. Justin Figel says:

    Just started golfing last week, hit the range Friday and finally got out on the course tonight. Only had time to play 5 holes but I struggled with making consistent contact. I kept pulling my front leg or moving it when I follow through. Can’t wait to give this a try tomorrow

  39. Well articulated. What’s your IG handle?

  40. Larry Grzywo says:

    Looks great but does it make it hard to follow through?

  41. Thx mate, great tip !

  42. Swing tempo you use. It appears you always have the same backswing and downswing speed or at least from P6 down you don't appear to rush it. Can you comment on a drill to get this beautiful tempo?

  43. barry cole says:

    Hi i am Barry from Norwich uk, Ihave been struggling with my driver and fairway woods, by topping them on the course. I use the single plane swing and I am happy with that.
    just tried your method in my Garage and am pleased with results, need to get back on the course and try this out thanks

  44. bondibum1 says:

    Looks like it's bad for the left knee

  45. Michael Rood says:

    This is freaking brilliant

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