$1000 Retro Golf Clubs – Matchplay To Keep Them All (Pt.2)

Duking it out with Jordo for the $1000 retro set of sticks.

Matchplay, mano a mano – winner keeps all.
Shoutout to the lads at Northbridge GC for hosting us.

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5 Replies to “$1000 Retro Golf Clubs – Matchplay To Keep Them All (Pt.2)”

  1. at minute 12 he does the old tiger woods trick and got ya good

  2. That Napa is rocks or diamonds Beef! Northbridge definitely triggers some bad juju for me! Would love to take you on round Palmy for 9 someday soon 🙂 (3 shot start)

  3. Buckets Golf says:

    Congrats beef. Bring on the rematch!

  4. Miss Mailler says:

    Good content, Beefy

  5. Valiant effort Jords, almost had him!

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