1983 golf driver v 2020 golf driver Taylormade driver match up. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey go through the years and match up the new Taylormade Sim Driver vs Taylormade Burner driver. The guys test what could be some of Taylormade greatest ever drivers to see which can produce the most yardage per mph of clubheah speed. Where did it all change in driver history and are we better golfers for the change in technology.


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  1. dk2853 says:

    I used the original Burner driver for a number of years when I first started playing golf. It was surprisingly easy to hit, and would get decent distance off the tee. I upgraded to the 2.0, but still do play with the old Burner from time to time.

  2. Charlie Odom says:

    Would it be bad if I said I have the rest of the set of Burners to go with that driver? I EVEN have a 2 iron!!!

  3. JAS says:

    Camera on Matt is too close to him, makes me so uncomfortable

  4. Trubshaw2 says:

    Guys there is a video on you tube showing a match with Hogan v Sneed from the 50’s that makes a nonsense of not only this video but your one on golf balls! They were driving 275 yards with ease 70 years ago !

  5. Ron Lunsford says:

    This was awesome!

    Can you guys do a bit more with this?

    Could swapping to a lighter shaft in the 1983 Burner created more speed?

    Could going to a slightly longer shaft create even more speed in the '83?

    Could lowering the tee a touch help find the center of the face a bit more?

    Most of all, average player wise, is it worth $499 to gain one to one and a half clubs off the tee? Love to hear your thoughts!

  6. But the new is 3 inches longer…

  7. Tom Settles says:

    I still have my 1988 big bertha driver and I carry it 255-260 at 110 swing speed. 2.32 yards carry per mile an hour.

  8. Tom Settles says:

    103 swing speed? Jeezus mate, get to the gym. I'm 56 and have 90 mph 7 iron swing. 110-118 with driver.

  9. lance suiter says:

    Hey Mark I have a request. My golf spy said that the Wilson cortex driver was a TaylorMade look alike that just did not perform. My request and hope is that you guys will compare the two drivers.

  10. Fergz says:

    I used the burner mark… length of shaft rather than tech having an influence on swing speed?

  11. John Biron says:

    What are the difference in spin rate between the 2 drivers?

  12. Andrew Gould says:

    The audio is kind of odd coming out of different sides when you speak to one another, cool video to watch though

  13. Bizzaro500 says:

    The one variable you're not accounting for is age! When we used these old clubs back in the day, we were a lot stronger and limber! You can't account for the change in age and the mileage we put on our bodies.

  14. Loved the intro “…..it’s the only question…..”

  15. Sorry..but "I definitely need a bigger head"…is hella funny…and coming from another guy is just also awkward at the same time! LOL!

  16. Apologies in advance for the audio tech observation… When you guys edit and mix the mic recordings in with the video footage do you pan Mark's mic audio hard left and Matt's mic audio hard right (or vice versa)? It's just with my huawei phone I've noticed that the phone can switch into stereo speaker mode and then I end up with either Matt or Mark sounding much quieter and tinny because one is coming out of the earpiece speaker and one coming through the loudspeaker at the bottom of my phone. If you are panning the mic audio hard left and right then it might be worth while not doing that so that viewers watching on their phone landscape can hear you both at the same volume. Its not something you would spot going through a pair of equally powered speakers. But with phones the earpiece can be used to create some sense of stereo audio which is great so long as its not panned hard right and left during editing. Only meant to be constructive. Absolutely love your videos and watch them every day guys! 👍🏼

  17. That XXIO hat is pretty sweet bra…

  18. MrD6jim says:

    Found one with the tour gold shaft last week for a £5 ,just had to have it.

  19. Do 3 woods have to conform to the same tolerances..??? I don't think they do…..So try compare the old Burner to a modern 3 wood, similar head size, similar shaft length etc….

  20. The first driver I reached 300 yards with was the Titleist 975D in 7.5. I never could get there with the stainless steel King Cobra 8.5 driver. I had the same rifle fcm 8.0 in both.

  21. Best driver video. In studio. Perfect sound ? This video nothing I do to tv sound options work. Tv is Sony Bravia less than a year old so not too dodgy

  22. It’s happened again. When you were in the back room you were both loud and clear. In the studio in front of screen. Mark clear. Coach barely audible?

  23. T says:

    ooop, sound issues back. coach's lav mic only in the left ear and mark's mic in right ear

  24. Never even considered the tech aspects of golf until watched your vids and its fascinating…and my maths is improving. Keep the vids coming guys there's nothing on tele at the moment 😉

  25. Pat Can Bros says:

    Binjour Mark c est celui avec lequel je joue 😃
    Je n’ai toujours pas changé
    A bientôt

  26. Andy Walker says:

    I hate being this guy……………isn't the Burner from late 1980s and it was the Pittsburgh Persimmon from early 80s? I remember getting my Burner, still have the Raylor in the garage!

  27. Are the small circles on the faces of the drivers lead tape?

  28. Sam Clulow says:

    Top content but like others, watching on iPhone via you tube and in vertical orientation marks voice is dominant and horizontal it’s coaches! Don’t know if that’s you guys or me! Either way, very interesting video… would also like to know if modern shaft length has much to do with it as looked loads longer!!

  29. It would be good to see this video done again with something like 5 years between clubs

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