1v1 Against My Dad On A 380 Yard Par 4! #golf #shorts

46 Replies to “1v1 Against My Dad On A 380 Yard Par 4! #golf #shorts”

  1. What kind of tracker are you using if you can tell me

  2. DCDB says:

    Did you add a pause to your backswing or am I tripping

  3. kvps27 says:

    Your dad is so fluid

  4. Boston Nate says:

    Your dad swings like my father, it’s crazy but it works so well and goes farther than expected, he’s a 2 handicap

  5. Not3xactly says:

    You got that hideki swing

  6. Your dad's swing makes Rahm's backswing look like Rory's in comparison 😂 great contact though

  7. Love your dads tour ad shaft

  8. Nate Webb says:

    I appreciate the content! It’s nice watching 2 high handicappers duke it out.

  9. Ron Hahn says:

    Dad plays well!

  10. MSmith1182 says:

    That stutter at the top looks hazardous.

  11. How does dads swing work haha

  12. number 8 says:

    That course looks mint 👌

  13. wcadds80 says:

    Nice hole lads. Who won the round?

  14. Kalda says:

    Your dads swing must’ve taken years of practice to master

  15. Outdriving dad with an iron.. why you gotta do him like that 😂😂😂

  16. What state are y’all from?

  17. BARKBROS says:

    Wish I had a dad 😅

  18. Dave Monaco says:

    Neither of the two were blessed with any hip flexibility

  19. Lax bro26 says:

    He’s got that Jon rahm torque

  20. MrNick D says:

    I’ve got the same putter as your dad

  21. We got Cameron young vs Jon Rahm

  22. RJ_edits says:

    How old are you? Are you still in highschool?

  23. Jax Fl says:

    Please call out the wanna be DOD queen!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  24. 3bz says:

    Pops can stroke it ..see where you got it from…not the swing just the skill lol

  25. geoff Ck says:

    That pause at the top of your backswing is something. I’ll give that a try sometime

  26. Felni says:

    Your dad has a bigger backswing on his putter ….

  27. Jmotwa87 says:

    Popps has that Rahm backswing 😂

  28. The Dummiez says:

    You should do a really long par with only a putter

  29. Dad got that “gotta hurry up and get home to the wife” kinda down swing and you have that “wait did I forget the dog in the car??” Kinda down swing.

  30. Ben says:

    How does he hit it that far with that backswing😂

  31. A.J. Dan says:

    Any particular reason you like wearing Puma?

  32. Chris Kubond says:

    Such a good swing. Geeze

  33. Chef Jeff says:

    damn you are both so much better than 90 +% of golfers 😂😂😂, truly impressive

  34. Lost my dad to cancer after a hard fought battle two days ago, I already miss him watching me play

  35. BM says:

    I love the slight pause at the top of ur backswing 👌🏻

  36. Course looks great what course is this?

  37. J P says:

    Well no one would ever call your dad's swing over the top.

  38. GenesisG70 says:

    Your dads got one of the weirdest swings I’ve ever seen.. but it works and I’m here for it

  39. Mikkie Belk says:

    Been watching and learning!! Nice bairdie!

  40. You're just a chip off the old block aren't you! Your Dad's back swing is even shorter than yours and yet he still bombs it! Your swings are so consistent I'm going to try shortening my back swing and putting in the pause. Any tips for trying to mimic your swing?

  41. Why do you keep beating up your dad though? 😂

  42. Your dad hits driver and you hit iron and you are past him. Your dad hits utility and you hit short iron. Both on the green but your short iron put you in birdie position. Your dad was not in birdie position. The only chance your dad had is if you move two tees back. I am guessing your mom is tall and you got your height from her.

  43. Any chance you could do a video of you talking about your highschool golf career? Super interested and absolutely love the content bro🙏🏻

  44. Daniel 36 says:

    Yo Ben can you make a video on how to play par 3s. For example when I’m in the fairway I can hit my irons really well, but on par 3s I hit the worst tee shots ever. I hear other players deal with this too

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