2 Golf Mobility Exercises

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  1. Wesley Hodge says:

    That first movement would put me into traction for a week 😂😂😂😂 #tobeyoungagain

  2. hlf_coder says:

    Damn, I've actually never seen the first one. Looks pretty effective too. It'll help with loading up on the backswing.

    Well done

  3. The first one on this video is very hard! That will build stability as well as mobility.

  4. Ohh I’m gonna try this! Haven’t seen the first one before

  5. Bill Rowling says:

    Love your workouts

  6. Fluidity in motion, that’s why you golf so well

  7. Jason Wright says:

    You are gonna be huge! Enjoy the ride

  8. I am just surprised there is actually a girl out there that is not vaping and watching tik tok all day and a 304.

  9. This will do nothing for your golf game….

  10. I know for a fact I can’t do that now lmao maybe when I was playing high school golf but not so much now 😂😭😒

  11. Jim Gaskill says:

    Thank you, cuteness!

  12. You are too young to know all these tricks.

  13. LondonSaS says:

    Good for golf and boxing 🥊 🫵 should try 🥊 too Video 😎👍

  14. T B88 says:

    Your first one looks like an old man stepping over a railing.

  15. 313keiko1 says:

    Great work out Gabby
    Keep it up

  16. Are you a pro or you a college player

  17. Nobel Steed says:

    I might as will stop golfing…I cannot do that. I have to climb steps left foot first, every step.

  18. Athletic trainer vibes

  19. Tease please as needed……🏁

  20. oso77373 says:

    Your head stays like perfectly still on that last exercise. I’m so jelly

  21. Tracy Adams says:

    She’s so stunning

  22. Looks great. But I would pull a muscle trying it

  23. You’re 15. You don’t need mobility exercises.

  24. ethan foster says:

    Come out to Naples Florida again and play my course with me

  25. Miss Gabby how many reps and set do you recommend?

  26. I felt my hip break by the 2nd squat 😂

  27. TadD68 says:

    Your hard work is going to pay off big time Gabriella .. keep it up

  28. JK says:

    I not sure how old she is, but watching some of her videos playing with others I think she could dominate the LPGA in the next couple of years.

  29. Have you thought about doing a workout/fitness video? Just a thought.

  30. Steve Smith says:

    I love keeping up with the Younger Future of this Sport.
    It's always refreshing to see what other people do to stay at their Peak Performance Levels.
    Keep up the Good Work Young Lady!

  31. Mark Keimig says:

    You should do a match vs Claire Hogle

  32. Who are your teachers and mentors?
    It is very slick seeing such talented kids your age play this game 😊

  33. The young lady has serious talent. IMO she is an emerging LPGA player. On top of that she produces very good videos. She's a natural. The female version of Garrett from Good Good. Even down to her trick shots. I wish her the very best in life.

  34. Studio Admin says:

    You're seriously amazing.

  35. K Fu says:

    Great workouts. Always do both sides so the body stays balanced

  36. Will Ross says:

    Join the brotherhood book kid National

  37. Will Ross says:

    Thilfsweat,could yep

  38. Donald Bo says:

    Rich girl flaunting her easy life

  39. gabe81871 says:

    Gabby do a video with Saint Andre’s golf Skit crew

  40. Jonathan says:

    This is weird. I was just thinking about what exercises I can do to help me get better mobility. I open up and see this. Thanks

  41. mabi377 says:

    I would have been flat on my face with the first excercise 🥴

  42. Thank you for the pointers.

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