2 Simple Tips That Make The Driver Swing SO EASY!

If you are struggling with your driver swing at the moment, you probably want to watch this lesson. Before the lesson Nick was having huge issues with his swing and was causing a horrific slice. By the end of the lesson, not only did he start hitting his driver straighter…He also gained 50 yards!

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0:00 – Intro
00:29 – Why Nick is slicing his driver
02:46 – Change No.1 – The Grip
04:05 – Change No.2 – The Move away
07:40 – Bonus tip!

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13 Replies to “2 Simple Tips That Make The Driver Swing SO EASY!”

  1. Meandmygolf says:

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  2. Jimmy Wailes says:

    head line grabbers..a joke. What's your WHL handicaps?

  3. It will be straighter if his left hand hinge

  4. Tim Lillard says:

    @meandmygolf – Guys, you have done it again . . . even better! I still have not worked up to my driver (soon!) but I've been having a slight bit of trouble with consistent contact and accuracy with my irons. As I was watching this video, something clicked and I ran outside to modify this lesson to my irons. I immediately started hitting the ball crisply, consistently with more distance and accuracy than I've been able to muster in years. Thanks again! Each of your videos (and I've watched a TON of them!) have helped me get my ancient swing back. I probably won't get back to my 2 hdcp, but it won't be for lack of trying or for not having excellent instruction from you two. Excellent! . . . again and again!d

  5. Mark Durran says:

    Live your videos guys. Next march I am 50 and I want to get away from my 18 handicap. If you are in the south of Spain next year let me know. I have only had 1 lesson ever and that was to help me hit a driver as I always only hit a 5 wood. But if you are ever this direction it would be my pleasure to do a video over 9 or 18 holes for epic piece of content. Get me to a single figure handicap in 12 months. Now there is a challenge

  6. Roy Close says:

    Well done guys πŸŒβ€β™‚οΈ 😊hope is all well πŸ‘

  7. Try being a South paw. and a nasty slide. irons are a bunch better. driver is very difficult to use properly. πŸ™‚

  8. wks says:

    Interesting video, these are some of the issues that I have.

  9. Matthew Law says:

    So I used to be a big slicer of the ball and what worked for me was actually to have a weaker grip with my trail hand as it encourages me to release the club through impact, I tried for years with a stronger grip as this is what everything I read and saw said to do but I found I was holding the club off after impact and this was causing a slice. Is this the right thing to do or am I heading the wrong way?

  10. When I play "simulator golf", the sensor detects my swing, regardless of club, and makes the digital ball go about 100m. I have an odd swing/stance, but nothing too crazy. My results in irl golf are pretty good, so I dont understand why the simulator is so rubbish. It's annoying, as I enjoy the social aspect of simulator golf, but the system not "working" correctly, really takes the fun out of it. I have been to multiple simulators, and the results are the same each and every time.

  11. robster230 says:

    I had a similar lesson to this in a trackman studio and I can't express enough how important and useful it is to see face to path, path and face angle statistics when trying to learn WHY a ball goes in a particular way. Just with those numbers I was able to correct myself almost 80% then with some instruction I've got it nailed. I can only get 96mph club head speed but because I'm hitting the middle, and getting the smash factor, I'm out driving my bigger, stronger buddies. Great lesson guys, you've changed his game forever!

  12. It's not going to be family friendly but my father always told me to keep my arms/wrists loose and "hit the ball with your dick".

    What this taught me was to focus on firing my hips and clearing through the ball which got me to forget about my arms. What happened was I started getting a baby draw with what felt like a Fred Couples swing and I was hitting many more fairways and greens…

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