2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | MPO R3F9 | Redalen, Heimburg, Robinson, Lizotte | Jomez Disc Golf

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25 Replies to “2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | MPO R3F9 | Redalen, Heimburg, Robinson, Lizotte | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. JomezPro says:

    We’re happy to make Jomez available without ad breaks on DGN! ➼https://discgolfnetwork.link/gDLMAF For all our YouTube viewers–nothing is changing, we will be posting coverage on YouTube per usual. If you’d like to try out the ad-free experience on DGN, Jomez fans can try it for FREE by selecting a monthly subscription and using code “JOMEZ” at checkout.

  2. Thank you for the coverage. : )

  3. That one guy says:

    the drives on hole 9 had me going wild 😂 that tree-direct from simon 😮

  4. qopoy dnon says:

    could you guys show the leaders' scores by round before you start hole 1? It would be nice to see what Cole shot in 1 and 2 before the match starts.

  5. Love watching Cole play! Keep it going Cole!

  6. wilson says:

    Zoom in on Calvin in the bottom right at 20:10 the way his face changes after Simon crosses over had me rolling!

  7. Jonas D. says:

    0:59 Simon was excited watching Coldplay

  8. Nick33 says:

    22:43 I agree he totally does looks like Brock lesner haha crazy

  9. wsuvjosh says:

    Jomez fell off, you hate to see it.

  10. Rookie move! Jerm it’s true lol

  11. landandlo says:

    @Paul, sad that the “Uli’s Famous” sponsorship deal didn’t close. Don’t give up.

  12. Mr_Ree says:

    29:50 Funny hearing fashion critique from the hotdog shirt guy 🙂

  13. I know it's not something you can do often, if ever, but that overhead angle when they were putting on hole 3 looks so good. It'd be sick if they could find some way to do that consistently, is that just me?

  14. These baskets seem legit. They look like spit outs are minimal

  15. Paul at 22:40. Thank you, now I can't unsee it!

  16. This is such amazing disc golf it’s insane

  17. The sword on Brock Lesnar's chest absolutely wasn't strong enough to protect him. From Cain Velasquez😂🤘🏼💥💣

  18. Ken Fouch says:

    Shout out to Casey white though.

  19. Brock Lesnar is a freak of nature. He is a specimen ever since he was a high school-er. Ezra does kind of look like him haha

  20. Probably a stupid question but what happened to round 2?

  21. How do y'all feel about the ABBA format of courses? I feel like ending the tournament on Northwood would be way more dramatic, because of the four-stroke swing (or more) potential..!

  22. Ezras mental game is sooo strong to bring that back!!!

  23. 13:17 Kokk Chop Activist sighting.
    Hide your kids.

  24. 11:52 Cole: "That's a triple buddy" and then he walks off

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