2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R2, F9 | Hammes, Redalen, Lizotte, Everson | Gatekeeper Media

Welcome to the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open in Peoria, IL. This is a Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Plus event being held from Aug 3rd – Aug 6th, 2023. Competitors will play 4 rounds splitting between Eureka Temp Course and Northwood Black. The end of the DGPT season is near so every point counts towards qualifying for the DGPT Championship.

Round 2 Chase Card:
Adam Hammes
Cole Redalen
Garett Everson
Simon Lizotte

Thumbnail Photos by: DGPT (Kevin Huver)

Music by:

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00:00 INTRO
02:11 HOLE 1
06:23 HOLE 2
10:37 HOLE 3
15:41 HOLE 4
20:00 HOLE 5
22:59 HOLE 6
28:35 HOLE 7
31:15 HOLE 8
34:11 HOLE 9
38:45 OUTRO

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26 Replies to “2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R2, F9 | Hammes, Redalen, Lizotte, Everson | Gatekeeper Media”

  1. Soo cool to see you on hole 2 one evening

  2. friskis says:

    even when he does backhand he walks up like a wierdo

  3. Emily Kaczor says:

    FYI the gatekeeper rewind takes so much out of the moment with the sound. The silence. Click. And rewind sound. And click. It’s not appealing at all. Please do something else. The cut from the noise and bad sound effects kill the moment and it’s not exciting for the replay.

  4. Zach Bluett says:

    Cole Redalen's hole 9…. such incredible shots

  5. Those banner ads during the video nearly gave me an epileptic fit

  6. Out 7 hours and counting before Jomez. Gatekeeper is at least consistent.

  7. Joshua K says:

    Thank you for posting the rounds at a reasonable time unlike others 😊

  8. I was hoping Simon was gonna make the chase card. Sweet

  9. I Dunno says:

    You're name is ever son, not eve er son. Silly kid

  10. Chief sbuj says:

    The hole 1 announcer sounds like he’s talking through a paper towel tube 😂

  11. Sam DeBerg says:

    NorthWood blues?

  12. footfault at 9:33…easily seen in real time. most jump/step putts are garbage

  13. J Heinrich says:

    love watching some mix bag players.

  14. adam looking so hot in this one 🥵

  15. Pants in this heat…wt*…. Odd

  16. fuzzylosophy says:

    Thanks for keeping the ol'school score board.

  17. You can literally hear the chainsaw Hammes needs from the rough on hole 2 8:49

  18. Everyone is hyping up this Courteney because the tight Woods and so on, go to europe and almost Evert Courteney looks like this. Especially in scandinavia

  19. Mike Lewis says:

    Watching these guys play hole 1 makes Missy Gannon's birdie even more impressive

  20. pactme says:

    From the land of sky blue water 🎶

  21. TJ H says:

    Interesting that Simon doesn't bag a single disc in fission

  22. Mike Ruff says:

    If we could get Jomez Camera work and Gatekeeper commentary we would be in there

  23. Teemu says:

    They all look like they haven’t slept at all. I understand simon since he’s a dad but adam and cole too

  24. Love the commentary on the gatekeeper coverage

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