2023 European Open | FPO FINALF9 | Tattar, Blomroos, Allen, Gannon | Jomez Disc Golf

Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the FPO lead cards final round at the 2023 European Open.

Card: Kristin Tattar, Henna Blomroos, Catrina Allen, Missy Gannon
Course: Nokia Diskgolfpark | Nokia, Finland
Commentary: Lorentzen & Hokom

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Front 9 Chapters
00:00 Start
02:26 Player Profiles
03:14 HOLE 1
08:27 HOLE 2
11:48 HOLE 3
18:00 HOLE 4
23:10 HOLE 5
26:21 HOLE 6
29:36 HOLE 7
33:43 HOLE 8
36:40 HOLE 9

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9 Replies to “2023 European Open | FPO FINALF9 | Tattar, Blomroos, Allen, Gannon | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. S says:

    FPO ! ❤

  2. Alphastorm says:

    Tattar has an absolute dominant forehand this round. I can see her winning for another decade.

  3. Jay Suds says:

    She's so dominant that there is hardly ever drama, yet so likable that I can't say I mind. Pretty awesome to witness.

  4. jonboftwt says:

    Wasn't surprising that an FPO beast in Tattar would fittingly take down a course also titled The Beast. Crazy thing is the margin of victory could've been ludicrous if she had played as aggressively through the end as she did in the beginning. Thing is, Tattar has a complete game, is one of like a handful of women who knows how to C2 putt consistently, and demonstrated how to play a smart game on a course that shared holes with MPO. She's not invincible (see Sai Ananda's win from earlier this year,) but I wouldn't be surprised if Tattar shatters Pierce and Korver's titles records before it's said and done.

  5. Noa Claesson says:

    tattar has the monopoly in the fpo then

  6. T Puryear says:

    I don't even understand. 17 points between 1st and 4th on lead card. Tattar has been doing that all seaon. I'm not even trying to be insulting or anything….what are these girls gonna do, it's 2 different games. No competition. Is someone gonna elevate their game or what? Season almost over.

  7. Im Luis says:

    Tattar all the way

  8. Hans Hart says:

    What is separating Kristen is her C2 putting. It’s not chance that her putts find home. If you want to be the best, you have to put in the time and effort.

  9. Jonsku Pee says:

    T Ă– Y S Ă„ !

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