2023 Masters Cup – Round 2 Part 2 – Blair, Buhr, Barsby, Proctor

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44 Replies to “2023 Masters Cup – Round 2 Part 2 – Blair, Buhr, Barsby, Proctor”

  1. Nolan Lewis says:

    Some drunk bastard killed my dad in a car accident and I’ve been using my dads bag so he’s always with me. Good words at the end

  2. Mighty says:

    Why do they call “The Lady” something different now? Gravity? Really? Lol cancel culture is so funny.

  3. I too considerded JB a friend--he will will be remembered fondly–and found eternal life in our memories Best video coverage CCDG has ever done.

  4. Any idea why Gannon keeps taping out out of turn? I know if it’s cool with the card it’s fine but just curious if he’s got something else he’s trying to do right after? 😂

  5. sanfordgfogg says:

    Thanks so much for the coverage!
    Teach the camera folk to frame the pictures with the overlays in mind, so that the views aren't covered.

  6. Shasta, i appreciate your emotions! Way to be real! And im sorry for your loss. I didn't know the man. Again thanks for being real! Thats what the world needs!

  7. I still can't believe they made 18 a par 4! I still play everything at a 3! Thats how i was taught.

  8. Its the traffic from the player's that is eroding the hillside! You guys need to do some cutting and replanting ! Use the chips around the base of the trees. I understand its Dela and its hard to get equipment up there. But as an arborist i say get those dead ones out of there and plant new native trees!

  9. What an amazing putt from Gannon on 12!

  10. That's funny guys! Shasta you've known Procter since he was 12! I've known barsby since he was 12! We are getting old, I really don't play much anymore, I go to the gym!! I don't like getting old. I started the disc scene in 1995. That's when you were lucky to clean up a win for 500$ . Amazing how far the sport has gone!

  11. Fantastic tribute by the commentators. 😢❤

  12. Buhr needs to obey the rules. He putted out of turn on 2 straight holes.

  13. Man that tribute hit like a Mac Truck. Beautiful.

  14. Q says:

    All around great stuff, but the filming is absolutely top notch

  15. Joe Patnoe says:

    Can someone put together a Gannon buhr long putt montage from this tourney , sheeeeeshhhh

  16. "that was the worst shot of my entire life" followed by one of the best putts ever. The definition of every setback is a setup for a comeback. Well played Gannon

  17. Master Ho says:

    Nate and Shasta killed it on the mic. Nice words for JB at the end was touching too.

  18. That putt on hole 12 might be the putt of the season. The distance, the height, the foliage, the risk of running it – chef's kiss

  19. dustman says:

    Dang, I didn't expect to tear up during a disc golf round. Those were some beautiful words. I feel unfortunate to not have crossed paths with this person. Love the disc golf community. Let's never forget the selflessness, goodness, respect and honor that this game is built on.

  20. dustman says:

    My word on Gannon's put was "Whhaaaaaat?!"

  21. dustman says:

    Love the opening cinematography.

  22. ghosTrunner says:

    I love this course. Hope to play it someday 🙏

  23. Princeton NJ says:

    I just want to say how stunned I am by Shasta Criss’s eloquent words about the loss of his friend. They deserve to be written down: “If you’re in a dark place, reach out to someone who loves you and talk to them. We’re a communal species and are meant to be together. We’re here to lift each other up.” Wise words, and brave. To hear you come up with those words on the spot, while still working, audibly, through the pain of loss, is as inspiring as the words themselves. You have a strong soul Mr. Criss, and I have no doubt that you were an exemplary friend. Forgive others, and yourself too. Peace.

  24. andristic says:

    Thanks for sharing about JB. I wish I got to know him like you did. RIP

  25. Rest in Putters Paradise JB! De La and the whole SC community will not be the same without you.

  26. Road2awe says:

    RIP JB you were loved by many!

  27. Red Guy says:

    Round and event scores switched

  28. Shasta is great on the mic and seems like a great guy to throw a round with. This course looks like so much fun

  29. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  30. Nate and Shasta doing a wonderful job through and through during a tough time in Santa Cruz.

  31. Beautiful words by Shasta, thank you!

  32. Caleb Walin says:

    Gannon putting out on multiple holes before others who are out is kind of odd.

  33. Traveltime says:

    Jon was an amazing photographer as well as golfer and human being. Linked here are some of the beautiful images he captured during his touring travels. We miss you JB.


  34. Hyzer Wyzer says:

    Is anyone filming FPO?

  35. Disc Blaster says:

    Hurry up with the final round lol

  36. Why isn’t Buhr waiting his turn on hole 15&16? It’s discourteous and gives him more time to settle in for the next hole.

  37. The commentary game needs to scale up.

  38. 21:48 Whoa! So THAT'S how he does it?!

  39. Skip Maxwell says:

    Nate, you and Shasta make a good team and no chit, Bud, you are the best announcer we have. Well informed and no need to compensate for an ego. #6922

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