2023 OTB Open Practice Round | Brodie Smith & Ezra Aderhold | F9

Coming off the first major of the year we head to Arkansas for the Jonesboro Open. A course that tests your ability to play in the wind and handle the elevation changes.
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43 Replies to “2023 OTB Open Practice Round | Brodie Smith & Ezra Aderhold | F9”

  1. Ace run production FTW!!! LOVE THE 2 CAMS!

  2. I enjoyed the dual-cam setup, but the heavy shadows detracted a bit from the production. Also, maybe I'm alone in this, but I have a hard time hearing Ezra because he doesn't project as loudly as Brodie. Maybe a wireless mic is in order? All-in-all though, I really appreciate and enjoy the content: both players are fascinating to watch. Keep up the good work!

  3. deborah joy says:

    Wth? Is Ezra juicing? What a change in a short time. Doesn't look natural. Stay safe. Wishing you all the best.

  4. apollion1 says:

    Suns out, guns out

  5. Catch cams are a great idea! Makes the post-production a little more involved, but worth it 😁

  6. Ye 2 cameras is so good!

  7. Great content! I watch your practice rounds over Jomez practice.

  8. Professor B says:

    How much did Ezra’s bicep implants cost?

  9. J-Who says:

    You’re the best man. Thank you for speaking our language and keeping us informed.

  10. Guns out on the golf course?!

  11. Sorry Kevin, but ace run pro is sooooooo much better!! Keep up this partnership! Good luck in the tournement Ez and Brodie!

  12. HaikesXO says:

    Soon enough ezra will become just an entire bicep

  13. Holy adds😅 almost every 5 min

  14. Camera's are a great addition 😊 also poor little Ezra looks cold get him a sweatshirt 😂😂😂

  15. Jimmy Kloep says:

    Yes definitely better with the back camera.

  16. Justin Hamm says:

    Suns out guns out

  17. PeachesYoYo3 says:

    Geez Ezra you're absolutely jacked

  18. Are you guys gonna cash this week?

  19. Avram42 says:

    FYI, Open carry is not generally permitted in Arkansas.

  20. I always knew Ezra was muscular but HOLY HELL DUDE IS JACKED

  21. 14:26 the wind said HADOUKEN! 😂

  22. Sam Wilson says:

    My wife and I drove all the way down from Idaho to play in the Amateur event last week and this course was amazing! Super excited to see you pros make it look easy!

  23. Loving the two cameras !


  25. I’d love to chase some big arm throws from both of u with my freestyle drone. That possible before u both head to the next tourney? I’m 30 mins away from OTB. Would be some sick content for your channel, most people are absolutely shocked at what it can do 😉

  26. Andrew G says:

    Extra camera is a game changer

  27. Euro_Garage says:

    Best forehand discs are Innova star xcaliber and star destroyer!

  28. Sylofic says:

    love the double cams

  29. Brody B says:

    Catch cam is so good, please keep doing it if possible

  30. Double Cameras are elite!

  31. Love the new video! Love y’all’s honesty and sharing shot thoughts!

  32. “Close your eyes what happens?”
    “Clowns, clowns, I see alot of clowns” lol

  33. Klein King says:

    Love the double cameras love seeing the torque on the rollers so much better!!!!!!!! And I never comment!!!!

  34. Jeffrey Gray says:

    The camera work was really good.

  35. Jack Olson says:

    LOVE the additional camera! Keep up the great work/content! Appreciate you guys always raising the bar!

  36. Alex Gregory says:

    I feel so defeated when I hear, “I didn’t bring my flippy nuke.”as if any nuke is flippy 😂

  37. Art on Rye says:

    Lol. At 11:30 Brodie mentions that the Scorch is a really great roller disc. Right now it's my favorite stable max distance driver. 😂😂😂 I have 3 of them.

  38. Seamus Carey says:

    Double cam and ARP is a GIFT from god. Thank you gentlemen

  39. Beachhead says:

    I love this ish

  40. Octo says:

    Catch cam HECJ YESSSS

  41. Ryan Meurer says:

    Y’all just upped the game by like 10 notches. Double cam is insaneeeee🔥🔥🔥

  42. If 2 cameras takes twice as long for you to post, it's not as good and will lose you viewers.

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