2023 PCS Open | MPO R2B9 | McBeth, Proctor, Heimburg, McMahon | Jomez Disc Golf

Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the MPO lead cards second round at the 2023 PCS Open.

Card: Paul McBeth, James Proctor, Calvin Heimburg, Eagle McMahon
Course: Øverås Diskgolfpark | Øverås, Norway
BigBarri Commentary: Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling & Paul “Uli” Ulibarri

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01:03 HOLE 10
04:00 HOLE 11
06:58 HOLE 12
12:03 HOLE 13
16:16 HOLE 14
19:21 HOLE 15
24:07 HOLE 16
27:58 HOLE 17
31:28 HOLE 18

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45 Replies to “2023 PCS Open | MPO R2B9 | McBeth, Proctor, Heimburg, McMahon | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. 17:46 *1X Polecat World Champion 🐈

  2. Tyler S says:

    Is somebody's little nephew making the thumbnails lately? They look awful

  3. thats not a rock skip- thats not a world champion yet…. damn why you gotta do eagle like that?

  4. apinakapina says:

    Great coverage, great commentary.

  5. Are you hitting on James Procter? 30:09

  6. 30:10 😂😂😂
    Jeremy, you sussybaca, you…

  7. Cerberus +1 says:

    thank you jomez patreon supporters.

  8. Bloom0to9 says:

    wow almost carried 3 from feature card to final lead card!

  9. Atomic Darts says:

    I want to fail like McBeth

  10. Still sad the scoring is not showing all 4 players and the summary not being for the same amount of holes played. Hopefully this comes back, not happy with the quality going backwards 😢

  11. They have put so much effort in that tractor, but left the flat tyre on the front right? Why😉🍻?

  12. dustman says:

    Didn't know Innova made tractors.

  13. Love this coverage!

  14. James is playing so good this year. Its always impressive to me for some reason though, as if it doesn't look like he is going to throw very far or accurate but then he still bombs it and has so much control. Especially with mids it seems. And nails big putts obviously

  15. Chris Powers says:

    proctor's follow flight on 11 traced the mountain, which has already been commented on, as i see now that i have read them. timer 5:09.

  16. Spencer277 says:

    Calvin freaking McBrisket

  17. DBLACKJACK70 says:

    Course needs some more par 4’s and 5’s IMO

  18. DBLACKJACK70 says:

    Beautiful place 1 problem. Hole 10 might be the worst hole I’ve ever seen I understand it’s new but cmon. Somebody grab a chainsaw for crying out loud.

  19. DMBABT says:

    That would have been a contender for top ace if proctors went in on 14

  20. I’ve seen so many comments about how Paul doesn’t have it anymore. Folks need to realize that he’s building courses all over the planet because he’s a kind and outstanding person and not because he’s done being incredible at disc golf. Clearly Mr 6X is FAR from done!

  21. ]-[ike says:

    So awesome to have Jomez coverage from Europe but yea, as others have already said, the audio quality of the commentary just has not been on the level wanted. Makes me want to watch the whole round/ video less as it is harder to hear and enjoy the always great nuances by Uli and Jerm. I hope you guys get this fixed before the rest of the upcoming rounds in Europe👍

  22. This course is absolutely what we want to see! Great job! DGPT should take notes of what the fans AKA THE MONEYMAKERS want! More of this, less ball golf courses.🙏

  23. Leonidas33 says:

    What's going on with the audio for the commentary? Sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

  24. Arbon Ransom says:

    I don't care who bought this company, the new trend of a moving camera man on the green as a guy putts is unacceptable

  25. 18:02 Eagle's forehand roller off a root into the basket would disagree 😂

  26. BJ Sauerbrei says:

    Let’s go guys! Love seeing you guys up the leader board. Big finish for you guys. Hoping for two top 10’s.

  27. BlakJedi907 says:

    So stoked to have Jomez in Europe. I hope to see them worldwide in the next couple years.

  28. coomazz says:

    idk why but I hold my head every time McMahon throws the grenade

  29. Resin311 says:

    why don't I like Proctor. I don't know what it is.. But i never root for him

  30. Jacob Ryan says:

    Is the video shifted down for anyone?

  31. Mark Johnson says:

    Good group. Great to see McBeth, Heimburg, and McMahon on the same card. Too bad Ricky wasn't the 4th.

  32. James Proctor and Drew Gibson are brothers change my mind lol

  33. Rob r says:

    3:05 that was left, not right

  34. Can you make your mics louder for round 3? I was having a hard time hearing you over James Proctor’s pants.

  35. Adam Kay says:

    Great to have this coverage. Shame commentary audio was poor, but I’m confident you guys will get it sorted for the next event.

  36. Grenades just in general, great weapon… jerm kills me

  37. Need this course on tour every year!

  38. Eric Firkey says:

    McBeth is as good as he's ever been. It's just that now there are another dozen or more guys who are just as good if not maybe better.

  39. footwork says:

    this course is so much more fun to watch than anything that has been on the dgpt this year

  40. The guys foreshadowed it in the first round. The back 9 of the last round are really going to determine who rises up and takes this one.

  41. Proctor’s follow flight traces that fjord almost perfectly in the sky line.

  42. Life In-Sink says:

    I think the criticism of Mcbeth is unfair, but not totally unwarranted, considering a lot of his mistakes are on seemingly routine, simple shots (for him anyway), and not necessarily the super difficult ones. Just seems he makes way more unforced errors now, than he did in the past, which may play into said criticism

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