2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships | FP40 FINAL 9 | Scoggins, Finley, Vincent, Allen

The Final 9 holes of the 2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships is here. The Little America Crew Course will once again be utilized to crown a champion. This Final 9 layout will use holes 1, 2, 12 – 18 on this course. Only the top 4 players will be take part in this Final 9 loop.

Final 9 Lead Card :
Ohn Scoggins
Holly Finley
Stephanie Vincent
Jennifer Allen

This coverage was filmed and produced by @AceRunProductions

Commentary Team:
Holly Finley
Jennifer Allen

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Music by BirdieFest.

Front 9

Intro 0:00
Hole 1 1:04
Hole 2 4:35
Hole 3 8:27
Hole 4 11:33
Hole 5 14:19
Hole 6 16:56
Hole 7 19:32
Hole 8 22:31
Hole 9 25:39
Interview 30:34
Outro 33:21


10 Replies to “2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships | FP40 FINAL 9 | Scoggins, Finley, Vincent, Allen”

  1. I think there needs to be an element of “touch” when it comes to putting. If you laser your putts in from less than 20 feet… it’s not the basket’s fault of it doesn’t stick….

  2. I'm blown away that this is an actual course on the pro tour😂 it looks fun but I wouldn't throw any of my bagged discs at that place

  3. So honored to have been part of this amazing week in Flagstaff! Thank you to the PDGA for having us out to cover this great field of ladies. Thanks to everyone that has watched the coverage!

  4. Well deserved win. Ohn really proves the fact that you putt for dough. She killed it again.

  5. Brenden Lee says:

    The pole kicks on 12 were brutal. Stephie has some great long distance putting accuracy the whole tournament. I'm really surprised she didn't get more to drop. Jen's power is legendary!! I actually fashion my forehand off of Ohn's forehand crossed with Scott Stokely's forehand, kind of as my hand isn't a size 12. 🤣

  6. DgDagwood says:

    I love how Holly didn’t say a word when she got the spit out because she knew she threw that putt like she was throwing off the tee. 🤣

  7. Ohn is an absolute rock star! 🥰

  8. Let's Go Jenn Allen!!!

  9. S franklin says:

    Forehands ruled the course for Ohn.

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