2023 Titleist T-Series Irons | T100, T150, T200 & T350 Comparison

The next generation Titleist T-Series Irons are the latest model from Titleist. Now available for club fittings the T-Series line is now comprised of the T100, T150, T200, & T350. There is no longer a T100-S, T300 or T400 in the lineup.

The T100 is still considered the Modern Tour Iron and is for the better player who is looking for precision control and unrivaled feel from the most played model on Tour. T100 is chosen by more touring professionals than any other iron in the world since the first release in 2019 and players such as Jordan Spieth, Cameron Smith, Justin Thomas, Max Homa, Will Zalatoris, Sungjae Im and Tom Kim all play T100 even though it is not considered a blade.

The 150 is considered a faster tour iron and is for the player who wants the exact precision and feel of T100 with increased speed, distance and forgiveness. The T150 is built with the loft 2 degrees stronger compared to T100 and the T150 now features a more confidence-inspiring shape and improved forgiveness, all while retaining the same blade length and offset measurements as T100 for a true player-preferred look. It really resembles AP2 models from the past.

T200 is still the players distance iron and is for the player who wants added distance and forgiveness without compromising on looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power.

T350 is the ultimate game improvement iron and is for the player who wants high launch, exceptional distance and forgiveness they can count on. The club flies high, far and is very forgiving, T350 is one of the best performing, best looking and best feeling Game Improvement irons available.

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13 Replies to “2023 Titleist T-Series Irons | T100, T150, T200 & T350 Comparison”

  1. David Cole says:

    Very nice looking Irons.

  2. Paul Bown says:

    How do you think you would get on with the sole width as I am similar to you, more of a sweeper and tend to gravitate to irons with a narrow sole. Great video by the way!

  3. G W says:

    As someone who was recently fit into T100S and finally received them, I would love to see an actual head to head with the T100S and T150. I am seeing everyone loving the new T150, but no one is actually comparing it to the club it "replaced" the T100S….

  4. Patric Yoon says:

    T150 vs AP2 please!!!

  5. Very tyring review… Good trackman number, ugly swing !

  6. vorhese93 says:

    im curious when building a combo set in these irons if adjusting the lofts would mess with the peak height? They are all at different lofts but maintained similar peak height. I'm worried that the clubs were designed to be at thos specific lofts. I dont know much about all this but would love to combo these.

  7. Anand Shah says:

    How does the t400 compare to the t350. Is t400 going to be discontinued? I feel t400 we will get more 20 yards than the t350 I haven’t tried but my gut says
    If t400 will remain I don’t know why release 350

  8. Chris Lomas says:

    Just got my T150 today through a Team Titleist fitting. 5-PW T150 & 4i utility T200

  9. Dave Zalinko says:

    I play Mizuno Pro 223. Love them.
    These all look real good. Will keep my 223s for a bit yet.

  10. If you fit me into that blue circle I would order yesterday lol.

  11. DKNY49 says:

    I currently play the mizuno pro 225's…..i think im going to switch to the 150's……might be a bit of a learning curve but these things look great

  12. Is the feel/sound of the new T200 improved over previous version?

  13. I think I found my new iron! Can't wait to get fit for the T150's

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