2023 Titleist T-Series Irons | T350, T200, T150, T100 | Swing Report

The 2023 Titleist T-Series Irons, including the T350 irons, T200 irons, T150 irons, and T100 irons, represent the latest series of irons from Titleist. More golfers, both amateurs and professionals, rely on Titleist T-Series irons than any other brand, so it’s always very exciting when there are new Titleist irons available.

0:00 Intro + the “3 Ds” — Distance, Dispersion, Descent Angle
3:00 Review of each New T-Series Iron
11:04 Testing — Titleist T350
15:39 Testing — Titleist T200
20:25 Testing — Titleist T150
25:21 Testing — Titleist T100
30:37 Testing — Titleist T200 Utility
33:51 Testing — Titleist U505
38:39 Final Thoughts

In this edition of The Swing Report, 2nd Swing’s Drew Mahowald is joined by Josh Talge, the VP of Marketing at Titleist, to review the new 2023 Titleist T-Series irons, including the Titleist T350 irons, Titleist T200 irons, Titleist T150 irons, Titleist T100 irons, Titleist T200 Utility, and Titleist U505 utility. Then, master fitter Kevin Kraft joins to review and test the new 2023 Titleist T-Series irons on Trackman.

Learn more and pre-order your set of Titleist T-Series irons: https://www.2ndswing.com/new-titleist-golf-clubs

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12 Replies to “2023 Titleist T-Series Irons | T350, T200, T150, T100 | Swing Report”

  1. drgrzz says:

    Kevin my man. Nice shirt again.

    Hope you can help Drew get some taste in his music choices.

  2. Jason Velez says:

    Kevin is a club testing machine. Love his easy going ‘up for anything’ attitude. 👍

  3. J B says:

    Titlieist clubs are just pure class and performance. Another solid lineup as usual.

  4. Mike A. says:

    T150, are they louder?. T100s were loud.

  5. Wes D says:

    T350 Numbers were great. Great distance with stopping power!

  6. What was the loft on the T200 Utility and u505?

  7. korkeiw says:

    Talge is the man. No crazy sales claims, just great information. LGLG!

  8. Kevin Harris says:

    I like the videos however when filming outside could you add shot tracer in addition to the the trackman

  9. matin salali says:

    Thee older T200 felt very plasticy to me and I'm so surprised Josh said that too! New line looks amazing

  10. Jacob McCain says:

    Been in the T100/T100S combos since their release 2 years ago. If the topline is as thin with as much or more forgiveness as the 2021 model then I'll have new irons.

  11. eli job says:

    U505 looks the same…

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