2023 TITLEIST U505 & T200 Utility Irons

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My review of the new 2023 Titleist U505 Utility Iron & the T200 Utility to see what are the differences between these two golf clubs and maybe where on the golf course you would be using them. Driving irons are becoming more popular and these two options provide difference forgiveness and golf ball flights.

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10 Replies to “2023 TITLEIST U505 & T200 Utility Irons”

  1. simmi352 says:

    If you can get over the look and sound of u505 it's a great option, if you can hit it high, you can knock it down but the other way around is much harder.

  2. Law says:

    I ordered a U505 2i just the other day. I was getting fitted and the club performed splendidly from the first swing for me. It felt like I was hitting a 7 iron it was so easy to hit. I just had to add one to my bag. It'll be my go to long distance off the fairway club and an occasional driving iron. Really excited about getting my hands on it.

  3. Steve C says:

    Not many fairways hit there though for a long iron Mike, if I can be that wide I’d hit it another 60 with the driver.

  4. Damien says:

    I have Project X LS 6.5 shafts in my irons, they are 125g. What shaft weight would you recommend in a graphite shaft for a utility iron like these ?

  5. Great videos, Can you do an iron test for the T100s 2021 vs T150 review head to head. Cheers

  6. I have the T100S and ordered the 2023 T200 3i Utility. Mostly to see if I prefer it over the TSR Hybrids (or even my 5W off the deck). Just experimenting.

  7. eli job says:

    Previous u505 is the same…

  8. Corky Duke says:

    If i'm using a 2 iron I want a low penetrating flight, so I guess the T200 would work best 🙂

  9. Chris Lomas says:

    I went with the T200U 4i bent to 22*

  10. music-lover says:

    Tanks for review. I may fit U505.

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