2024 Callaway Apex Irons Review // Pro – CB – MB

Tour Validated’s DJ Lantz tests the New 2024 Callaway Apex line of irons.

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4 Replies to “2024 Callaway Apex Irons Review // Pro – CB – MB”

  1. Hi,will the DCB launch later this year?
    I'm gaming the 2021 Apex DCB and are the best clubs I've owned

  2. Jacob McCain says:

    Man that Apex Pro sounds good for a hollow body. Been in T100/T100S for wl2 years but may look at Pro/CB.

  3. Wait so did they come out with just a regular Apex iron at all? Or is the regular Apex now an Apex Pro?

  4. KMurf says:

    I was wondering if you've ever tried the TCBs I have a set and love them would you compare the CB to the TCBs ?? , I'm always curious about sound with the pro and similar I guess would be the T 150 or T200 ,p790, I also game Mizuno pro 225 and for a players distance iron I haven't found a set in that category that sounds, looks and feels like the pro 225 Mizuno, Thanks for review good stuff ,.

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