2HYPE All Sports Challenge for $10,000 Prizes!!

Use registration code “TTG” for $10 off your first purchase!

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Who Makes The Best STEAK in 2HYPE?!

10 Hoopers compete for 1 AMAZING Prize!

The Best Slamball Tournament EVER!

TikTok: ZackTTG

Shoutout to the guys for being in the video!
Jeff – @JeffreyBui
Johnny – @JohnnyCarmack
Justin – @justinroque


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Isaiah Carter
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Neal Schnoor
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41 Replies to “2HYPE All Sports Challenge for $10,000 Prizes!!”

  1. I love ur vids Zack! Would absolutely love the Shaq jersey. As a big man, shaq is my inspiration. Would be a blessing

  2. Shaq signed jersey

  3. Justin Doyle says:

    Zack I need the Justin Jefferson jersey

  4. Alay says:

    I am a big basketball player and would like the shaq jersey

  5. John Drouzas says:

    Justin Jefferson

  6. FlexSoFancy says:

    im a huge nfl fan and would love that jettas jersey <3
    love u zack and all ur videos

  7. Jackson says:

    I met kd once and he loves me I would love the kd warriors jersey cause I love the warriors cause Steph and I love kd

  8. Shaquille O’Neal jersey and also I saw you at the bulls game I was in your video😂

  9. Shaquille O’Neal jersey and also I saw you at the bulls game I was in your video

  10. Can I pls have the Justin Herbert Jersey I’m a big chargers fan and I liked and subscribed

  11. Let’s go Mets Johnny

  12. Ryan Field says:

    would love that jay tay jerz or herbert picture

  13. Cheetah signed ball. Gotta love all of these videos keep them coming! 🔥💪🏼

  14. Mind Gaming says:

    Usc basketball jersey

  15. Banger vid as always! Glad to see all the guys still doing well after 8 years I’ve been watching ya! That Acuna jersey would be a blessing! Favorite team, number and player at the moment!

  16. Aaron says:

    I'd do anything for that Jonathan Taylor jersey

  17. The the Justin Herbert looks sick

  18. Mental says:

    I would like the signed Cheetah football please

  19. I’m a huge football fan and that Herbert signed poster would be awesome. Great video Zach keep it up

  20. That Acuna Jersey is 🔥🔥

  21. Chris Mann says:

    I’m a huge football fan and would love the justin Herbert poster

  22. Golfin with the boys sounds fire. Looking forward to the golf channel. Need that Larry bird trophy 👀

  23. Amish Patel says:

    Could I Get The Tyreek Hill Football 🏈

  24. Mtb Arnotts says:

    I would love the Braves jersey or the ken Griffey Jr baseball to match my ken Griffey Jr Airmax 90’s if that is possible thanks. Also keep up the work from Australia 🇦🇺



  27. Toesty_ says:

    Im a huge Chargers fan and would love that signed Herbert poster!


  29. All the prizes are great. I'll be grateful for any of em

  30. ECHO WH1SP3R says:

    I’m the biggest Justin herbert fan!!

  31. Ken Griffey JR signed baseball for sure

  32. Magiczz says:

    i am a massive football fan ive been playing since i was 2 and i am a really big fan of r9 but honestly id be happy with any item

  33. stu says:

    I’d love the ken griffey Jr baseball, lifelong mariners fan!!

  34. Herbo all day baby!

  35. Yo Zack, looked like you had fun with the video and I appreciate it. If you please wouldn't mind, I would love any of the two soccer items remaining. I'm an absolute die hard soccer fan and have played all my life. Thanks man, keep doing what you do.

  36. Let me get that shaq jersey lol

  37. Hey Zack I love your videos I've been watching ur videos and the 2hype crew. One day I gotta come see y'all. One day, Herbert signed poster

  38. What up zack man that Shaq jersey would be super cool to hang up in my room but that tyreek ball would be so dope on my dresser let me know man love the vids keep it up 💯💯❤️

  39. The shaq jersey would be nice in my collection

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