3 Great Drills To Change Your Golf Game

Golf Tip – 3 great drills to change your golf game . Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to improve your golf game and technique with 3 practice drills.

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Alistair has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

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5 Replies to “3 Great Drills To Change Your Golf Game”

  1. Comment below any future videos you would like me to do! Thanks! Al

  2. K Chill says:

    Loved all three drills. Presets make rehearsing a shot so much easier and helps with the actual swing outcome too. Future videos? Walking through dialing in the driver club face with dry foot spray and micro adjustments to get the ball in the middle top quadrant of the driver club face. Finding the bottom of the swing arc for long, middle, and short irons. Controlling distances in from 100- 80- 60-40 yard s to the pin with three wedges. Take the "yank" and anxiety out of the transition and end of the back swing creating a smooth but powerful down swing. Would love to know your three favorite courses, holes, and type of golf competition.

  3. topgolf h says:

    Hi Alister . When you say load up the wrists I always tend to be under plain and inside when I practice this move. Could you explain in more detail. Thanks

  4. As always thanks for the meaningful instructions. As to future videos…..as you know swing thoughts can help. Also, you should not have more than one or two thoughts when on the course. Could you share swing thoughts for the backswing and downswing which recreational players could adapt for their full swing. I know once you developed your swing you can solely focus on your target. Thx. Tom

  5. Peter Lund says:

    Fantastic video Alistair definitely something for everyone cheers Peter

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