3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques

3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques FREE INSTA Buckets Workout: http://bit.ly/2Ez9LiX …


34 Replies to “3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques”

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  2. Adventurecam says:

    People now do not understand, you have to use your peripheral vision too. See your man, see the ball. Don't focus on your man, focus on the center(between your man and the ball). If your man moves, you beat him to the spot to disrupt him from whatever he's planning. That's just defense 101 off ball. 1 on 1, you try to explore your man to find his weakness, is he explosive to his right side or left side, close that door or you can make him think he can dribble on his right then beat him to position, make him dribble to his left, you can easily… Eaaaaasily steal that ball once you clip that right arm. If you're going to face a youtuber/wannabe and1, use the jordan defense, 1 hand free movement, 1 hand between the legs. Clipping them pisses them off alot, like seriously they would throw that ball to your head but make sure you if it's your turn, baseball pitch it to his face right after he does it. 😂😂😂

  3. I am 12 years old and I'm basketball player

  4. Me watching this after my friend just hit a layup on me and 3 other people by looking at the ground and just chucking the ball up and still hitting it.

  5. Jon Mic says:

    I am only 6"1 and I'm blind in my right eye is there anything I can do for that

  6. Jer says:

    2:27 ahh the best tip: semen and ball

  7. Joe says:

    Increasing your defense awareness and IQ is key to becoming a great defender 💯😤💪🏼

  8. Ben Simmons says:

    When I played youth basketball, my team had the 2 best shooters in the area. So with that, I had to do all the defensive work just to earn my minutes.

  9. Alex Rasoo says:

    Just be 7 feet 5 inches and a wingspan of 8 feet 3 inches

  10. Faten J.M says:

    I really like the video but I still need to know how to beat someone stronger and bigger than me

  11. Bing bong says:

    Bros forehead was tryna be the main character 💀💀

  12. mox opal says:

    3:14 wasn't that an offensive foul?

  13. Steven says:

    If their handle is weak and I’m quicker than them I’m 100% playing up close and going for pokes and steals to make them uncomfortable dribbling around me. If they’re taller and more athletic than me I’m gonna have to play a bit physical on the verge of fouling every time 😂

  14. Dylan Lowry says:

    1) slow
    2) slow
    3) slow

  15. Kodos 2020 says:

    One thing people don't do anymore is when the offensive player you're guarding picks up their dribble, LOCK EM DOWN! Get in their freaking space and get invasive af! You wouldn't believe the number of turnovers I cause just from this alone. When your so invasive that's when the sloppy passes come out and gives your teammates a chance to pick off those sloppy passes, all you have to do is lock em down. Psychology, the offensive player now knows they can't pick the ball up around you anymore and that alone starts to limit their game and create a handicap for them because soooooo many people rely on picking up their dribble for a few seconds to find that perfect pass. Being invasive comes with a risk of taking elbows to the face and finger nails to the eye, so be careful when they start swinging the ball around lol. NOW GO GET EM TIGER!!

  16. Sheng Wu says:

    You are the best!

  17. How do you defend the spin move?

  18. Kale Kale says:

    The way u create a clone is by reproducing yourself don't u see when u creating a body for yourself u programming da Lil body and shat and equipping yourself u r not a vessel u r a soul and just like how u a soul its the same way u create a clone when u making that body in the gadget system it's the soul u equipping with the vessel just like yourself and when u destroy the body the nigga still exist

  19. Turn, run and cut off is usually how people get dropped tbh

  20. Kaizen says:

    Im 5'6 and im like 70kg idk the lbs , im having a real hard time with defense especially on 1v1s once i miss on offensive its basically over i play basketball for about 4 months rn

  21. Unknown says:

    As a 8th grader that is 5 ft 11 tall I can say that this tips hellped me not only on D but on getting ankles to.

  22. Eli Leggett says:

    If I turn and run, all they have to do is snatch back and my ankles would be gone forever

  23. If I have to turn run and cut off …didn't I just get beat ..I still want to recover but help d better be coming

  24. Basketball is boring and useless

  25. thanks coach 🏀🏀

  26. (KILLER) says:

    Works for because i cant shoot but a great defender

  27. Muse says:

    What if ur ankles get broken trying to run and cut off only for the opponent to go the opposite direction

  28. Game Stars says:

    what 7th grade team did you coach?

  29. it's secret. says:

    if you turn and run thats a easy cross over.

  30. AMV Central says:

    I purposely open up and give them a lane to drive, I anticipate them to hit a crossover, a step back or to drive all the way. Kinda like leading them into a trap. I have great recovery so I usually don’t get beat. I love forcing people to their strong hand as well, I can cut them off, once their deep in the paint and make them throw up a wild shot with their opposite hand or pass it out.

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