5 Lessons for Golf Beginners

5 Lessons for Golf Beginners – For many years I would go to Phoenix Arizona amongst Christmas and extra Years to visit some intimates and friends. all year my friend Ray and I would be in golf at least 3 times during my stay and all year it would be a contest to see who won the most games.

Over the years, I think we were more or less equally matched, we each had our good games and bad games, but exceeding all I won more games after that Ray did.

One year I won all three game of golf and I could tell that Ray was a little frustrated. The last night of our stay, we met put up to at Rays home for supper and Ray said if he couldnt emphasis me at golf, hell emphasis me at Chess. Well, I hadnt played Chess for years, but for some reason, I won all the games and Ray was even more frustrated, but we were yet friends.

The in the same way as year, Ray called me at home right in the past I left for Phoenix. He told me our first golf game tee times was the number one spot, in front the next-door morning. After driving to Phoenix, knowing I had to acquire up early, I made distinct I had everything ready for the next-door morning.

The next-door hours of daylight I drove exceeding to Rays home and in the same way as I got there he was waiting for me and was genuine keen for us to acquire going to the golf course. He put his clubs in the car, got in the car and started putting on his golf shoes though I was driving. in the same way as we got to the course, he had me drop him off at the club home in the past I parked the car and said he would meet me at the driving range.

After parking my car I went to the club house, signed in, grabbed a mug of coffee, got my golf cart and drove to the driving range. By the times I got there, Ray had already in the same way as through his worm up calisthenics and all but ended hitting most of his practice balls. He after that told me to hurry up and put my golf shoes on and take a few practice shots that we had to acquire going. I question him why he was in such a hurry and he said he just wanted to acquire started playing.

Normally we would take our time, BS for awhile, illogicality all but and just have fun. But this times was different, Ray was genuine worried and focused on getting started and I couldnt put up to but shock why. After taking more or less three practice shots and gulping down my coffee, we drove exceeding to the first hole. Ray said he wanted to tee off first and I said adequate because I yet needed to stretch and wake up.

Well, I found out why Ray didnt tell much and wanted to acquire started that morning. He teed up, took a couple of practice swings, stepped up to the ball, swung and hit the ball. I watched the ball take off and after it looked in the same way as it would level off, it kicked in the after burners and kept on going. It was one of the best shots I had ever seen, on or off television.

After Ray took his shot, I looked at him and ask, in the same way as did you learn how to accomplish that. He looked at me in the same way as a big smile on his aim and said, I have been taking lessons all but all hours of daylight in the past you left last year. He said he was appropriately annoyed at himself, that know issue how difficult he tried to emphasis me, it just wasnt enough. So, he said he made himself a extra years resolution, that know issue what it took, he was going to learn how to be in golf better.

Needless to say, Ray was a lot greater than before after that he ever was and for me, well, Ray had to wait for me on all but all green until I got there. So, to answer the question, accomplish golf lessons truly help?

I had taken a few lessons, thats why I was clever to emphasis Ray most of the times before.

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