5 minute golf dynamic warm-up. In today’s video Me and My Golf collaborate with Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Coach Robert Yang to take you through a very simple warm-up to help prepare your mind and body for the golf course.

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  1. John Clare says:

    When I was still a beginner, I was able to attain a slice and one hundred fifty yards by conducting a normal drive. When I tried out the , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) golf swing techniques, the average drives I strike range between 200-220 yards. Sometimes even much longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Look for the guide and try making use of it today..

  2. what i love most about this vid is that it's all summed up in the thumbnail A+

  3. Pippinm7 says:

    This was super helpful!

  4. TaigaShaman says:

    Love the channel guys. Would be great to see a video on easy strength training tips that can be done at home. Also a video on healing from golf injury would be useful and appreciated.

  5. Peter Peter says:

    Good but we don’t need those two dweebs on the video at the start poncing around

  6. Too much TALK…. you talk for 1.5mins w not a single exercise or drill… get to the point please.

  7. 摄晚凡桌 says:

    I really love that you find an asian coach for this tutorial!

  8. Hello! Awesome video. Do you mind if this video is shared to the country club members of various golf courses? We are doing a golf/tennis/health tip campaign for the beginning of 2021

  9. Diego says:

    No way I’m doing that!!! 🤣

  10. hey camera man, focus your shots! wtf

  11. Jared Thiele says:

    Upregulating isn't t hmm e right word there… I don't think Yang knows what that means. Good stretches tho

  12. HornetGaming says:

    simple and effective for me. 😉 thanks

  13. larsmartin says:

    Best thumbnail ever!!

  14. Love it! Couldn't agree more on the up regulation of the nervous system.

  15. At the risk of being seen by someone of consequence, I won't tee off without inline skating for 5-10 min before heading to the links. I'm convinced there's no better warm up for a round of golf on the planet. The feeling of balance and coordination and touch is maximized. Damn the indignity of it though.

  16. Jay Smooth says:

    I took this very seriously with what seemed to be sound professional advice but then the vid ended and there was no mention of swing oil. How we gonna swing with out swing oil? Food for thought.

  17. Preston C. says:

    Would love more golf fitness and physical preparation videos – Thanks!

  18. JM V says:

    Hello guys,
    As Stabes 70 asked you 4 days before, it could be nice from you to create a (few) video (s) where you show us a serie of exercices to do specifical enforcement for golfer.
    This one with the stretching is a good example but it will be nice to see you working with the coach.
    Let's go suffering a little bit for us!


  19. ZAKETT says:

    Can u do some more things on golf fitness?

  20. Adam Flynn says:

    ok i havent seen anyone else ask it so i will (apologies to anyone who did ask) hiw did u manage to fit a 5 minute warm up into less than 5 mins 😜 (tongue in cheek folks)
    i think this is an important topic because i think most people probably dont warm up properly (i admit i dont)

  21. Michael W says:

    What are your thoughts on the forward press to start the swing? I noticed Jordan Spieth and several others on the tour do it, what do you two think about it?

  22. Does anyone have information about old Wilson staff wood and gold Aqua tite strata bloc 4350 driver set and dynapower fluid feel irons?

  23. Enstrom says:

    I Would like to a workout program for core strength and flexibility exercises.

  24. paul_v says:

    3:38 Andys just like, hurry up and shut up Piers. Wonder how many times it took them to shoot this

  25. genxer39 says:

    I found before playing, usually on the driving range before hitting. I do some stretches that have helped my swing greatly. Holding a club and stretching. Start with holding on the farthest backswing position. Then slowly switching to the farthest follow through position. I hold for 1-2 minutes in each position. This has helped greatly with my swing on the driving range and the course. Before doing these stretches. I had problems with my follow through. I couldn't get the club past my shoulders, because my muscles were tight. It would take 3 or 4 holes till I was loose. This is even after warming up on the driving range.

  26. Devon Smith says:

    Other than challenge Tuesday material, which is fantastic, I would love to see a video helping us with 40-60 yard distance control.

  27. Do you have any quick tips or drills for hitting the ground before the ball with drivers/woods? I have a problem just scraping the ground before the ball which throws my club face off a little. Thanks!!

  28. coolkid123 says:

    It would be great if you made videos on reading the greens. Like what is the best way. That would me and many other people I am sure.

  29. Robert says:

    Awesome and so easy to do , thanks once again guy's👍

  30. Thanks for your advises 🙂 very helpful

  31. 3:38 I have never laughed harder at a golf video! Great outro and tips

  32. Akali Dia1 says:

    Which of your videos are the best for fresh beginners of the sport ? I played for the 3rd time today and want to get better to show my pro how much I improved. 🙂

  33. Nice video, can you guys please do more challenges ?

  34. Congrats on 250k!!!!!

  35. Razah says:

    Love you videos!

  36. OwenS says:

    Nutrition would be cool to see what I should be eating before, during and after a round to stay fit and healthy be a peak performance:)

  37. OwenS says:

    Nice video guys also the kindest guys I've meet helped me shout -5 The Astbury Hall 🙂

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