5 Minutes Of This Drill GETS YOU Effortless Ball Striking (Do It Before You Play!!)

This 5 minute golf drill gives you effortless ball striking but please do this before you go out and play! This will give you brilliant ball striking, it will help you strike your irons pure, strike your irons longer, strike your irons further, strike your irons straighter…the list goes on!

All golfers no matter their age or ability, whether they are a low handicap golfer, mid handicap golfer, beginner golfer, senior golfer, professional golfer… they want to take ball then divot. Far too many golfers are far too narrow in the golf swing which means you aren’t getting the right contact with the golf ball.

5 Minutes Of This Drill GETS YOU Effortless Ball Striking (Do It Before You Play!!)

This simple golf drill and golf irons drill works on your downswing and gives you an effortless golf swing. I have seen and heard my golf students say that they have Dropped 8 Shots and Moved Back a Set of Tees Because of this 5 Minute Golf Lesson!

This 5 minute golf tip will help you hit the golf ball longer, straighter and you ill drop 8 shots! This is PROVEN TO WORK with my clients. This is a really simple and easy golf lesson that will get your driving the golf ball longer. This golf tip focuses on giving you an effortless golf swing and hitting more fairways.

This 5 minute golf swing lesson took my golf student from the mid 90s to the low 70s and hit so many more fairways. This simple golf lesson is broke into 2 parts which are are so powerful and will get you hitting the golf ball so much better.


21 Replies to “5 Minutes Of This Drill GETS YOU Effortless Ball Striking (Do It Before You Play!!)”

  1. I know this makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE! Use all irons to get that strike

  2. Hi Alex, get the distances if the ball needs to move forward with the different clubs. But when setting up is the edge of the towel in line with your right heal? Many thanks 🙏

  3. YOYOTh1s says:

    Hi Alex, new golfer here and the bug well and truly got me.

    I have been watching a lot of golf training videos recently and have done a lot of backyard training. However I have to take a step back due to a bad case of the trigger fingers in my glove hand. My pinky, ring, and middle finger are inflamed badly and I had to get injections.

    I suppose rest is a good thing to learn more.

    My question is what is a good warm up routine even before you hit the ball on the range? My warmups have been some old running and rugby warm ups, but I now realise there might be some other things to worry about in golf. Any tips would be great.

  4. Roy Close says:

    Well done alex 🏌‍♂️ 😊

  5. Craig Rose says:

    Will be trying this when I get to the range this week as I really struggle taking a divot.

    Can you advise how you would change the ball position in your stance through wedges, irons, hybrid and woods? I find myself changing it all the time and cant seem to get it right.

  6. Tim Cammer says:

    Where do I set the front edge of the towel relative to my feet in the stance?

  7. Eva Schurr says:

    Great training aid! You don't want to wrap the towel around your club.; )

  8. Wide to narrow is great, but you risk coming over the top. The key is being narrow AND shallow on the way down. Lee Trevino did this using a bowed wrist to get narrow and an open stance to get shallow.

  9. Mike Ayre says:

    What do you think about the lag swing trainer 7iron?

  10. Scott T says:

    As always brilliant Alex. Thx ❤

  11. Kevin Sadler says:

    Alex I use a 7 wood is that the same method?

  12. You hit the towel with the 5 iron.

  13. Marco FD says:

    im steep to wide, backswing is more of a casting up feeling then hooking in wide with a sweeping motion ( the lower the iron the bigger the sweep ). going to fiddle with this one for sure.

  14. There is no one better Alex!! You are the best.

  15. Good tip, watch your 5 iron….
    You clipped the towel

  16. Dear boys, try not to get a Pinched nerve in your neck, you dont realize how heavy your head is until you cant raise your neck muscles to get your head out of the bed, i been off the golf course 10 days and I'm still 10 days away from hitting balls to come back.

  17. Yo-Yo Zamolo says:

    Alex, how come when I do this with no ball or whilst taking a practice swing, I can do this perfectly. As soon as a ball is there, that becomes my target and my weight stays on back foot and I fat the tits off it again 😩 please help!!!!!!

  18. Gary Stride says:

    Nice punchy golf tip

  19. Andy H says:

    Out on the course in the morning shall give this ago before hand 👍

  20. Jim Kelehan says:

    This couldn’t have been more timely Alex! This is one area I’m working on right now! Thank you!

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