5 OVER PAR COURSE RECORD?… Surely we can beat that! EASY!!! #golfvlogs


This year we setup a measured blue tee academy golf course for juniors to bridge the gap between coaching and playing!

Over the first 12 months we’ve transitioned 10-20 juniors from coaching to full playing handicap members!

So far the lowest score and course record was shot by 10 year old Edward Fearnley who has an official handicap of 18!

Can we beat his score? This is going to be easy!… That’s what we though! This could be the hardest junior academy golf course in the world!…

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Welcome to Gary Martin Golf, I am a PGA Professional based at Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire. I started my YouTube channel during lockdown whilst being Furloughed and unable to work.

My goal is to be the peoples golf YouTuber. All my help and advise is unbiased with our subscribers best interest at heart. I want to share my knowledge and understanding of golf and golf products, to help other golfers avoid making all the mistakes I did in my 20 years playing and working within the golf industry.

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Thank you for watching!

Gary Martin


25 Replies to “5 OVER PAR COURSE RECORD?… Surely we can beat that! EASY!!! #golfvlogs”

  1. Paul 55 says:

    Nice one Gary. All Pros should spend time with the young team like that. 👍

  2. Really enjoyable to watch Gaz and good to see you taking time with the young golfers, I would like to see you and Dan have a match

  3. Gary Pidgeon says:

    Fantastic video Gaz. Talented kids with a bright future.

  4. Andrew Price says:

    Great stuff. Gary’s comment on 3 rd tee after duffing it into the trees. “That was a crap shot!” Loving it

    I reckon you are visiting parts of the golf course that you didn’t know existed!! All because you are teeing up from places that you are not used to

    Then Edward shows you how it’s done on next hole

    Great stuff… and something different

  5. Gary love how much you are supporting junior golfers and Growing the game. Next one off the red Ts. Lol

  6. T says:

    It won’t be long until Edward is whoopin the both of you…..😂😂😂😂

  7. T says:

    To many amateurs attempt the high pitch shot that usually comes up way short when if they would practice the bump and run they’d have much more success at coming closer to the pin…heck one might drop now and then….

  8. T says:

    Go ahead and play that risky pitch shot over the bunker instead of the safe shot to the open part of the green and you’ll turn that possible par maybe bogey at worst into a double bogey real quick….🤪🤪

  9. salsabil says:

    Edward is the new star of YouTube first Golf mates now your channel Gaz cant wait to see him play more

  10. salsabil says:

    I think you should try some new Irons Gaz the new Titleist T200's look gorgeous and would really suit you

  11. Paul Marsden says:

    Well played all! Difficult wee course.

  12. Ed’s been on another vlog recently I’m sure of it 😊

  13. Ivan Camphor says:

    Loved it.…diverse and so natural Edward andDan are both naturals

  14. Darren Perry says:

    Great video Gaz👍

  15. Ian Wilson says:

    Go for it Edward looking forward to watching your next round .. TWillis🎉

  16. Gary Lucas says:

    For some reason this video reminds me of Brian glover playing football with the kids in Kez 😂

  17. David Jones says:

    Is that the Edward that was on Golfmates last week?

  18. Roy Close says:

    Well done gaz nice to see young golfer s😊

  19. Duffer Dave says:

    Gaz, the grounds crew really appreciates how you stay out of the fairway when going tee to green, keeps them looking nice and rested :).

  20. Great video. That looks a very tricky junior course. Those back to back par 3’s look brutal! You’re gonna get some stick now, Gaz. Lol

  21. Duffer Dave says:

    That sounds like a terrific program for young golfers!

  22. Loving Ed cam 👏🏼

  23. kris james says:

    Need a blog with Edward, sounds like he plays golf using his brain!!

  24. hudsonrilke says:

    well done Dan and Ed, only one person needs to hang his head in shame 🙂

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