7 Creepy and Real Anti-Piracy Screens

Creepy anti-piracy screens aren’t that hard to find. Creepy and real however is a different story. With a flood of fan-made creepy anti-piracy screens, I decided to dig out the real and unsettling ones hidden in games.

A huge shout-out to the Easter Egg Hunter. He has covered dozens of anti-piracy screens throughout his series and many of the ones found on this list can be found in his as well.
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0:00 Intro
1:13 Cuphead Anti Piracy Screen
2:55 Ocarina of Time Anti Piracy
4:00 Serious Sam 3 Anti Piracy
4:45 Gold Rush Anti Piracy
5:46 Gimmick Anti Piracy Screen
6:50 DJMax Fever Anti Piracy
8:00 Kings Quest 6 Anti Piracy

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21 Replies to “7 Creepy and Real Anti-Piracy Screens”

  1. We made a discord by the way!

    If you want to join a community around creepy moments in games and internet mysteries, click the link below 🙂


  2. Chloe Webb says:

    Seeing the Cuphead screen and immediately recognizing Everywhere at The End of Time by The Caretaker being played was perfect lol. The Cuphead anti-piracy music wasn't that far from it either.

  3. Bryan80862 says:

    sweats in emulator

  4. Inês Nobre says:

    Normal anti piracy screens:just buy the real game
    Nintendo anti piracy screens:3 days until a mario steals your liver wahoo!

  5. Alex Tucker says:

    The first of those 7 are fake.

  6. no anti piracy measure will ever be as cruel as the Earthbound piracy system, where it deletes all your save in the final Giygas battle. absolutely savage

  7. Frostcake :D says:

    Other anti piracy games: blood gore death and other creepy shit

    meanwhile JSAB anti piracy screen..

  8. The cuphead anti piracy screen is bullshit! Even a friend of tetrabit contacted one of the creators, and they too think that it's bullshit

  9. Honestly the alternate gameplay of DJMax Fever just makes me want to pirate it

  10. Firehead says:

    cuphead doesnt have an anti piracy screen one of the main developers (ryan moldenhauer) said they didnt add any anti piracy measures

  11. Ghosty says:

    "Stop pirating 30 year old nintendo games they'll lose money" Man, piracy is fun, Repacks

  12. So basically serious Sam 3 is basically a super hard mode? It’s like a cut pizza tower feature for hard mode where enemies would constantly drop behind you.

  13. The cuphead one is fake.

  14. bxaer says:

    cuphead screen is faked

  15. if I saw an anti piracy screen when i play a game I would probably scream at the top of my lungs I have like an intense phobia of those though I’m still addicted to watching them. it’s weird

  16. Angel Flores says:

    Cuphead doesn't have an anti piracy thing

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