9 Holes Of Golf…

I play 9 holes of golf at Dainton Park Golf Club with a fade feeling golf swing. I’m currently transitioning from a draw to a fade and I talk through this process whilst seeing what score I can make through 9 holes.

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45 Replies to “9 Holes Of Golf…”

  1. Craig says:

    Jack Nicklaus, proper geezer lemon squeezer. Colin Montgomery, fridge freezer Scottish geezer. One shape consistently is golden…just look at the best in the World. Ok Tiger is just a freak of nature, artistic geezer 👍

  2. Ollie Pearce says:

    Was that a Jordan Pieterson impression? Or Kermit the frog? 😂

  3. Decent golf aside. The Jordan Peterson impression was spot on

  4. Broseph says:

    Lemon squeezer
    Bacardi Breezer
    Wembley Arena

  5. Jeikz says:

    I find this video very entertaining. The combination of the tips and tricks and course management, as well as the memes and the self-sarcasm is gold! And you keep getiing better at talking, which is also very entertaining and fun. Keep getting better James!

  6. Get ya rat out get ya rat out sweating like beaver

  7. Divot lid HAHAHAHA quality

  8. Morgan Cross says:

    Zero up the sides with no fade and a divot lid 😂

  9. J.W The van gogh of golf ..quality mate love the fade I'm trying to nail it can't get a draw' will persevere the fade oh yer talk to me 👍👍

  10. Beach Fraser says:

    For me one of your best vlogs, i love the cut myself, but, i dont have to swing speed to play it all the time , have been trying to get the draw going, inside 100 im a very low handicap player its just getting there thats been difficult, regards James , loved the vlog mate

  11. Swing is looking really good James 👊

  12. What do Van Gogh and Golf have in common — evidently both have been studied by James.

  13. flavio says:

    love it. keep at it!

  14. Milo says:

    I've only played golf since 2019, all my putting routine is based off of Rick Shiels', watching him for so long it just seemed the right thing to take your time and line up every shot.

  15. 18.26 is that an impression of dr Jordan Peterson James.?

  16. Well done James. I see a very good self analysis with a KISS approach. Looking good for the year. All the best. Stewart

  17. Joe Wright says:

    I played this course 1.5years ago – really cool to see it again and it played well. Nice video 👍

  18. Andrew Buck says:

    Was that Flower I saw at St Mellion doing some filming for the Clutch tour?

  19. Smooth swinger
    Birdy bringer

  20. These videos are siiiiiiiick

  21. G G says:

    Your swing is amazing, looks so effortless. Literally trying to copy it haha.

    Great video mate.

  22. Lot of truth in this video.

  23. Do you hit the ball outside to in for your fades?

  24. Ben Jest says:

    Really nice play mate.

    Do you have any advice on getting out of your own head?! Low 20s handicapper always had problem with irons, been playing well lately and went out yesterday, finished warm up with a top shank horrible shot and couldn't get it out of my head then it carried on through irons shots throughout the round!

  25. Brian Murray says:

    "so glad to be back from South Africa" did hear a hint of sarcasm in your voice😂

  26. Garry White says:

    You make Dainton look so easy to play keep playing that fade and your short game is improving 👍

  27. Tim C says:

    I think Crossfield posted a video that debunked the so-called “one way miss” or “one shot shape” using Shotlink data. Although tour pros have a tighter dispersion, they still hit “two way misses” the same way high hcps do.

  28. JK says:

    JW = lyrical poet

  29. Was that a little Jordan Peterson impression 😂❤

  30. Simon Wilson says:

    Tryed your chipping technique from your tip other week tried on lesson once before felt bit awkward after watching your tip tried it on short game area again and works a treat almost impossible to not hit great bit improvement cheers hope to get down to scratch this year

  31. Jack Nicklaus played a fade with an open club face or closed face for draw and use the same swing, hitting from the inside. He wrote that in his book and said recently in an interview with Nick Faldo. I play the same way and it’s way easier to think about one swing. YMMV cheers

  32. Where's Rich Woods?

  33. Ian Scott says:

    Love these vlogs, more please. And please, please more of the geezer chat!! 👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Lemon squeezer, a little Bacardi Breezer. Has Finchy got in touch?

  35. The Jordan Peterson impression caught me off guard, didn't realise he played golf

  36. G. Wills says:

    Thanks James, I found this one of the most concisely insightful videos you've published to date.

  37. Robert S says:

    Believe in yourself. Is the only advice I can give. It's a must.

  38. tom yule says:

    Great vlog James, easy to understand your tips. Keep up the hard work, it’ll pay eventually.

  39. James how do you like the new shoe?

  40. kirriegolf18 says:

    really good golf here James, treat to watch and hear your thinking about shots. Good game management .

  41. James, so much of what you covered in this is so relevant to me right now. The arms out in front and shorter swing has been top of my to work on list for the last few months. It’s a golden nugget. Suffered with the odd shank to start with when my early hips never left room for my right elbow. Sorted that by keeping them really deep. And the line on the ball! I use it on anything inside about 7 feet and it’s mustard! Outside that I just focus solely on pace and rolling it over a spot 12 inches in front of the ball. Loving the journey!

  42. Mr Kipling says:

    Well played and thanks for all the tips and info.

  43. johnniekeats says:

    Front 9 Terry Tibbs, back 9 Peterson when?

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