A Shorter Backswing is Better

Your problem is not that you release early – its that you release in the wrong place. This video shows the only, fool proof way, to stop releasing early and start compressing the ball. This might be the most important golf teaching video you ever watch.


35 Replies to “A Shorter Backswing is Better”

  1. Todd Graves says:

    To find out more about the Single Plane Swing, I have created a "Single Plane Pocket coach" that you can take to the range, or course, and learn the fundamentals of the swing. Find out more about the Pocket Coach here: http://SwingPocketGuide.com.

  2. if you want to hit it shorter, please try this.

  3. This was has help me so much I had to drop a club on all my par 3's thank you Charlie Frisa

  4. MJ Karwal says:

    You're right😊! This is now the most important video I've ever watched.. thanks!

  5. Yong Yam says:

    Very well explained.👍 Thank you.

  6. Tony Crouse says:

    Eight minutes for a 2 min answer.

  7. The golf industry I believe, is more about making money/profit instead of figuring things out 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. James Park says:

    Great video. I’m trying this with more success but still hit a few fat shots😊😊

  9. JOHN MCC says:

    As an older player I have found that I can get better rotation (not too much), a better back hip setting, way more consistent impact, no more early releases, more distance and improved accuracy by paying attention to driving my front shoulder and front knee down and back more. Then I find my front knee is in a much stronger flexed position. That eliminates my front hip from breaking/swaying through the 'front wall' of my swing. In short, I no longer have an inadequate degree of front knee flex in my weight shift causing inconsistent impact results….My ball flight is, on the whole, now noticeably straighter and longer. The ball's apex is now also more consistent….

  10. Bas Van Rhee says:

    Can’t wait to try to this on the range. Thank you for explaining what “releasing early” means. I’m a novice and sometimes golf terminology confuses me. Keep the great content coming!

  11. David Kim says:

    i just watched this guy at my club super shot back swing and hit the ball far. Came upon this video.

  12. Tercero87 says:

    Cradle to the graves!

  13. Cool. I might go at this several ways.. 1. Take a 3/4 backswing. 2. Transition from the top of the backswing into the downswing as the clubhead "drops" and make sure I keep rotating to open up my body, i.e. knees, hips & chest to my target into a balanced finish and 3. The longer the club, the "slower" the club will seem coming back thru impact, but I know it's gathering more clubhead speed at just takes more time to come back around.. even if it's actually just milliseconds..

  14. Todd love your backswing lessons. This is for any swing imo. Thanks for sharing the data and explaining the degrees back and through. Very helpful

  15. Great tip this has changed my game. So thank you!

  16. Huggs30 says:

    Glad I ran across this video. I’ve told my buddies several times that the best golf I’ve ever played was shortly after rotator/Lebrum surgery because I had to shorten my backswing. This helps confirm that theory. Only 2 months into my single plane journey and loving the results! Although my wife hates my obsession with these videos lately, keep them coming! 👊

  17. Stan Whittle says:

    I normally shoot mid to low 80s on my home course. Applied the shorter backswing to my game today and shot a 77 on a different course that I’ve never played. Unbelievable difference to my consistency of hitting crisp, accurate shots with all clubs.

  18. Great explanation. Thank you very much.

  19. Does this apply applies to all clubs, including the driver

  20. bob green jr says:

    Looking forward to going home and trying this!!!!👍🏻⛳️

  21. brian worst says:

    Great video todd.Want the most rotation at impact.

  22. Strutter says:

    Teach me please.

  23. Tim C says:

    Omg the perfect video for me. I’ve had a short backswing for years but I’ve also released early due to lack of rotation. Adding body rotation thru the ball helped impact beyond belief! Short back and turn thru! Awesome!

  24. Michael Eyer says:

    "Could be the best video you ever saw" 🙂 In that case I'll watch it a few more times….happy to be here in Todds' school. I have received so much here. 🙂

  25. Just wondering Todd is the backswing a purely rotational move? (Aka zero lateral movement). Many Thanks. Tim

  26. Ben Wood says:

    Man lotta whiners on here complaining about “get to the point! Talks too long’!”…

    Probably the same folks who can’t wait to smash the ball and release early as hell!

    Thanks for the video Todd, this is going to be helpful to me, I know it!

    Long time overswinger here, just now switching to the single plane.

  27. Validation to what I have been working on this past month and had a break thru with hitting more solid shots consistantly. Feels like I'm taking club only 1/2 way back and then accelerate thru to finish. Reality is probably around a 70% turn back.

    Great video and explanation, Todd! Been a journey this past golf year learning this Single Plane swing. It has saved my back and I feel like I can play well for the rest of my life. Hope to meet you a a school some day!

  28. The way to go I think.

  29. Mike Neylon says:

    Great tip and easily understood…I need to learn this 👍

  30. I agree: much better when you shorten the backswing.
    @ 7:05 you say you "are going from 35 to 90 in the finish"; with increasing acceleration.
    Then why can't someone else go from 15 to 90 in their finish with increasing acceleration ??
    Just saying.

  31. limitnl says:

    Im going to try for sure!

  32. Terry Smith says:

    Don't need "bio mechanics" really. Just get to the point. I've stopped watching your videos because it takes you or two or three times to explaine something than necessary.

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