AEROE GolfPod – The Original Hardshell Golfbag – KICKSTARTER Video

A revolutionary hardshell golf bag which doubles as a state of the art travel pod for golfers traveling by car, train or plane.

Golf is your game. Golf is your passion.

Aeroe has now created a whole new way to care for your clubs both on-course and off-course.

We studied your current fabric golf bag, with its soft sides, multiple pockets and zippers, that has evolved from the early leather and canvas bags designed well over 100 years ago, and asked ourselves “What would a golf bag be like if it was designed using the latest thinking, materials and technologies?”

Now, after 3 years of research, design and development we have created a golfbag that is not only easier to use on the course, but innovates breakthrough ways to travel with your clubs by air and by road.

The customizable GolfPod really is the golf bag for the 21st Century golfer!

Fits neatly onto powered carts, pushcarts and trundlers
Has easy access fold-out side compartments that present the balls, tees and accessories in a visible and organized way
Provides 18 liters of internal storage space for drinks, hats, sunscreen, snacks, wet weather gear and anything else you need
Makes club access and replacement smooth and easy with 14 individual full length club slots
Includes umbrella storage
Lightweight, durable alloy wheels make for easy rolling
Tough thermoformed ABS hardshell protects your clubs and sheds water, keeping the bag and contents safe and dry.

Placing the thermoformed cover, instantly converts the GolfPod into a fully enclosed and secure travel module
No need for an additional travel bag or case for your golf bag
The Aeroe GolfPod is two bags in one
The cover is secured using TSA approved flat key locks for airline and customs friendly security and inspection
With a compact streamlined form, the GolfPod is about 25% smaller than a standard travel bag, yet holds everything you need
Integrated alloy wheels provide easy rolling in airports and while traveling
The tough, durable and highly protective hardshell will protect your clubs from damage
With its sleek and modern design, the GolfPod is a stylish piece of travel luggage

With its patent pending snap attachment, using the Aeroe ‘Link’, the GolfPod is the world’s first vehicle mounted quick release golf bag
The Aeroe ‘Link’ is a proprietary rack that connects the GolfPod to your vehicle. While not part of the Kickstarter project, the ‘Link’ will be available for sale in September 2015. See our website for details on the ‘Link’
With its weatherproof, aerodynamic form, the GolfPod becomes a vehicle mounted sports accessory, freeing up valuable space inside the vehicle for people and gear
Up to four GolfPods may be roof-mounted on standard roof racks using the Aeroe ‘Link’ accessory racks
Ideal for golfers on a golf road tour or being able to bring your clubs on the family holiday
Quick release and easy access to your clubs directly on and off your car roof at home and at the course
Flat key locks for maximum security, locking your clubs on the vehicle

Founded by Pat Maguire in 2014, Aeroe is a sports company and brand specializing in creating new and innovative products that increase benefits and enhance experiences for people enjoying their sporting pursuits. With headquarters in New Zealand and partners in the US and Taiwan, the global Aeroe team is committed to delivering your Aeroe GolfPod in 2015:

“Thanks again, we really appreciate your support…….please share the GolfPod Kickstarter project with your golfing friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook to ensure we reach our targets for development and have GolfPod in production and shipped to you on time!”

Pat Maguire


15 Replies to “AEROE GolfPod – The Original Hardshell Golfbag – KICKSTARTER Video”

  1. This really needs to be put into production. Absolutely amazing.

  2. Chris Rader says:

    It’s too bad this didn’t become a thing. Hopefully somebody else picks this up

  3. superbe et pratique ou peut on l acheter et a quel prix

  4. Patrick P says:

    Would love to buy this….guess the Kickstarter didn’t work?

  5. So are you putting these into production? It is such a great idea.

  6. Setio Wibowo says:

    Where to buy this item?

  7. 스머프 says:

    Original Price By Company $200

    Made by Apple $918283829*10^18192929292882. Plus shipping and handling.

  8. tiger mcilroy and rory woods, and im just like lol

  9. Setio Wibowo says:

    Where to buy this product?

  10. ADL9 says:

    2018 and still waiting……….

  11. who is tiger Mcilroy and Rory woods

  12. R P says:

    It only costs 100000000000

  13. Peter says:

    Went to their website. Nowhere to see how much they cost. Guess they don`t want to sell any.

  14. TSchick says:

    it would be to much money for most people.

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