Affidavit: Driver Needed Help Standing After DUI Crash That Killed Bride

When authorities arrived on East Ashley Avenue in Folly Beach, they said they found a “large crash scene” with the golf cart on its side.

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28 Replies to “Affidavit: Driver Needed Help Standing After DUI Crash That Killed Bride”

  1. Monica Hill says:


  2. MR says:

    Just reading of this awful story here in the UK. God bless Samantha and Arica family and friends. I hope you will all find some level of peace and understanding in the future. Jamie Lee Komoroski deserves to feel the full force of the law !! God bless all 😢

  3. Life sentence the killer

  4. Heather says:

    I hope they throw the Book on that repeated Alcoholic offender . SHAME !

  5. There’s no words for this loss.

  6. Susan Queen says:

    Disgusting. She deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison!

  7. Dee Bee says:

    Death by hanging for this demon driver.

  8. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. You can tell she was truly loved.

  9. Your doing hard time for a long time .

  10. Sean Jean says:

    A choice is not a mistake

  11. Surgically remove her feet. She won't have to worry about standing up again!!

  12. CtrlAultDel says:

    putting alcohol and getting behind a wheel is no different than pulling a gun and shooting someone. Should be treated equally to the eyes of the law.

  13. Virtually every picture this woman had on social media was of her drinking, talking about drinking or making references to alcohol and on the night of the crash her BAC was .261 which is 3x the legal limit per the police report.

    She clearly has a problem and now a beautiful young bride is dead because of her selfish and reckless choice. She needs a very stiff prison sentence to think long and hard about what she did.

    I'd like to see her sentenced to life but I don't think SC law allows that so please let her get the max for every charge she's up on. No suspended sentence, no court-mandated programs, just hard prison time for years. This can't continue.

  14. P L says:

    Despicable!!!!! Jailllllll

  15. lizzz L says:

    So many lives shattered

  16. Rageality says:

    The states should pass a law where citizens can sign up to box the shit out of criminals of their choice to certain degrees. I’d love to box this bitch out for the family.

  17. Seemore says:

    This Fking POS needs to get the chamber, Fk this drunk POS!!!!!! All you drunk azz women who drink and drive and think it’s a Fking game, and all your hot girl summer and girls night out bullsh*t, go F yourself!!!!

  18. APRB says:

    She should get life in prison.

  19. At least it won't be 90days in jail like in Texas

  20. Ryan Titus says:

    Definitely fked up but speeding tickets lol c'mon. She's fked but who gives a shit about speeding tickets

  21. She is a horrible person

  22. Well, it wasn't a mistake. It was a selfish horrible choice that this woman made to get drunk and then get behind the wheel of a car and nothing excuses her behavior on the other side of the coin why were people riding on a public road in a golf cart!? I have seen people riding up and down residential streets and even children around 10 to 12 years of age driving the golf carts up and down the street and that is an accident waiting to happen and unfortunately in this case it did.

  23. If you’re an alcoholic, please just take your license to drive out of the equation when you’re tying one on. IMO, she’s a messy drunk and an awful driver. Nobody stopped her from getting in the car if she wasn’t alone before she got behind the wheel. Disgusting and I hope that nobody served her booze at any establishment to get her to that level of trashed. Embarrassing, awful, shameful behavior after being arrested. She was worried about her Vegas drinking marathon trip.

  24. Chris V. says:

    She should never see the light of day😢😢😢😢😢😢

  25. JoMiSh says:


  26. I don’t feel sorry at all for this dumb a** skank! That’s why you shouldn’t drink and drive! Can’t even stand…SMGDH……. People are so stupid

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