Americans hate hot hatchbacks

Why we can’t have the Mercedes-AMG A45 in the US..
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25 Replies to “Americans hate hot hatchbacks”

  1. Joyner says:

    pls analyse the new ford transit custom 2023

  2. No, they are just too expensive for those of us who like them….we could buy a car with twice the power for the same price, so why would we buy the vastly overpriced hot hatch? They need to be much cheaper than they are….waaaay too overpriced, and dealers mark them up even worse. A Focus ST needs to be 25k for example…and at that price it needs the upgraded stereo/speakers and leather.

  3. As an American who loves hatches, I wish they would catch on so much more

  4. indopleaser says:

    Nobody talks about physical audio controls going away. The single double din standard made aftermarket audio possible. Not anymore with touch screens with custom bezels

  5. indopleaser says:

    Like 2 door hatchback body style.

  6. Robert Aman says:

    Ive always been obsessed with both of these cars.

  7. I’m an American and I love them I just can’t afford them lol

  8. Americans dont fit in hot hatches. Thats why they made the lincoln continental and other boats.

  9. Karst Kiwi says:

    Most trucks are less practical and convenient for the suburban american, where a station wagon or hatch would easily suffice, but bullshit aggressive marketing and "well, i need a bigger car bcecause everyone else has a bigger car" has led to this point.

  10. ZL1nick says:

    We need the Yaris 😔

  11. ethan bowie says:

    i love hatch backs………………mine is a RENAULT MEGANE RS TROPHY……..A FRENCH BEAST.

  12. My Account says:

    And you STILL didnt take a look at the BMW Concept Coupe Touring…

  13. I love hatch backs the Mazda 3 is one of the best looking cars on the US streets today 👏🏾

  14. Vinnie says:

    Check out the new Cadillac CT6 in China. It looks insane but comes only to this country:(

  15. NutellaCrepe says:

    The US market is just strange. On one hand we have an underlying assumption that crossovers are king, but on the other hand, I’ve seen several small “crossovers” lowered to hatchback ride height on the road by owners. Turns out a lowered Honda HRV is a pretty cool hatch. Lowered Model Y just straight up confuses me as a Model 3 owner. Sometimes I can’t help but think that manufacturers are just scared to release the hatchback version. Last time Subaru did it with the Impreza, both the hatchback and the Crosstrek version sold well. Just ship one hatch that’s 95% built, and have dealer installable springs/dampers, bumpers, and fender flares depending on what the local customer base wants to buy. Best of both worlds.

  16. MidnightLove says:

    You mean sold in Europe and Africa (South Africa to be exact).

  17. Ajay says:

    I dunno, I like having the ground clearance. Although what I'd really like is a 2 door version of that GLA form factor..

  18. MrSoiSauce says:

    3:21 there is a caveat: the Audi RS3 in question is likely referring to the hatchback version sold in Europe. That version isn't sold stateside

  19. MrSoiSauce says:


  20. AZ says:

    Really bad interior quality

  21. Michael Ward says:

    The a class is being sold in us and canada. Just not the a45 which is the beast and a35 just doesnt do it

  22. Michael Ward says:

    I love hatch backs. A45 has always been amazing. And the older civics before 2010

  23. We need a 8 inch ground clearance prius so I don't have to buy a corolla cross

  24. Ma7xor says:

    I love your vids sir keep up the amazing work!!!

  25. Eryk says:

    You don't like hot hatches because Americans like big pickup trucks.

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