Another Pour Ep#5: When you can't trust a fart

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19 Replies to “Another Pour Ep#5: When you can't trust a fart”

  1. 31:30 – why was there all the focus on bear attacks, stop-drop-and-roll, and quicksand… if school has taught me that I’d shit my self way more than any of those other things? Id have scooter-ankled myself off this planet back in 9th grade.

  2. Tom Bradley says:

    Your homeowners insurace might cover septic backup

  3. I’m an AT&T business internet tech. Let me tell you how much DSL there still is out there. A LOT! 🤣

  4. did Costco release another BiB barton bourbon? I was in KS yesterday and they had a whole pallet of the Barton BiB bourbon but I couldn't find a year/batch number or anything on it.

  5. Fellas pls try a bourbon called Punchers Chance. Its 90 proof and tasty. $35 and taste like maybe $80.

  6. Kevin Mathis says:

    Dan, you probably got Solumedrol IM. It burns like a MF. They should have given you Solucortef. It doesn't burn near as bad. Solumedrol is primarily an IV medicine but can be given IM. Next time, if there's a next time, ask for Solucortef mixed in Sterile Water.

  7. If you quit scratching your balls, poison ivy would not appear there. 😝

  8. What kind of knife is that ??

  9. Bradley Martyn is a beast, until you see the video of him "wrestling" Brian Shaw.

  10. Have you used GPT chat to name your podcast?

  11. Think Twice says:

    PM2 with S90V blade steel! Cool!

  12. Midnight says:

    Is that a Manix 2?

  13. BigAl says:

    Not to be that guy, but Dan definitely says the word “permit” weird

  14. Ok you didn’t even talk about whiskey let alone drink any then Shawn talks about being hungover when one of your sponsors is Zbiotics which stops hangovers ?
    Still it was funny so I’ll give you a pass

  15. Why does Batman only cover half of his face??
    It’s for the police
    So they know he’s white

  16. when you hit 50… that's when you can never trust a fart. I have a plastic bag in my jeep with a clean pair and a roll JIC.

  17. Iron Pony says:

    As they say the most important question you can ask is "do farts have lumps?"….

  18. You are in Michigan right. How close to Detroit are you. Wondering if it’s possible to come get a bottle when available. Detroit is about a 2.5 hour drive for me. Really would like to get some of your picks. I’m not big into online shopping. If it’s something you are going to do. Thanks.

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