Yep that’s right I’m going to attempt to Thruhike the Appalachian Trail this year. Hope you enjoy the videos!



9 Replies to “APPALACHIAN TRAIL THRUHIKE 2023 | DAY 115”

  1. Joanne will take Bears over Snakes any day of the week LOL 😂 congratulations on a 30 mile day…wow wee!!!!

  2. mark p says:

    Way to go! Rest up and back at it.

  3. Congrats on all the record breaking uou've been doing with all the marathon days you've been hiking. Getting to see your support group of black flies accompanying you on your hike has been fun. They are in almost every video. We're able to vicariously experience their presence. I'm sure they are quite aggravating as you hike. Glad you're gonna have some slightly easier days coming up. You take care and stay safe.

  4. Gary Black says:

    Wow, those Eastern Diamondbacks are much larger then the Western Diamondbacks here in the PNW. Thick!


  6. Ronda Wil says:

    Very nice views today… congratulations on your miles. I'm sure Ice man has helped a lot with that 😊. How far are your videos behind.. probably home going fast to get to Mushroom 😊. Prayers 🙏 and blessings on the trail

  7. …Good Morning Pink Hotdog .. good job on being aware of the trail , startling a big 'ole snake like that one can mess up a hikers day .. give them a wide birth and keep movin' on .. Wow!! 30 miles ,,I can't even imagine it .. Iceman's chow stops sound awesome … and the settings can't be beat …. Stay Safe ..

  8. On a section hike in may last year pass so Manny people pass me going north from trail days was hiking south

  9. 🤦‍♀️ Snakes Do NOT Chase!!! As a Vet, how can you say that Nonsense!?! There is Plethora of Empirical Data PROVING they Don't! I'm Disappointed in You Pink Hot Dog – You Really Should Know Better! 😒 This is just one of the Many Reasons these Necessary Animals Continue to be Killed Unnecessarily – Ignorance 😒

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