Asics Gel Gully 7 Spike #khelmart #cricketbats #cricket #cricketequipment #cricketshorts #shoe

Checkout the Details:

Upper: upper of the shoes is made from top quality PU ,synthetic leather material and high quality skinfit and durable mesh

Flytefoam Mid Sole: Its midsole is developed with flyefrom material which offers a very lightweight and durable mid sole feel with ability to absorb the impact load

Innersole: Inner sole of Gel Gully 7 is made of EVA material which offers solid shock absorption and comfort to players

Outer Sole: 100% Rubber outer sole for best shock absorbing ability with high quality moulds to provide stable saddle for spikes , the spikes shoes is having 7/4 spikes and convertible setting (4 convertibles and 7 metal spikes )

Stylish ASICS Gel Spikes shoes for professional and advance cricket players


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