Asking Mac Boucher what his handicap is #golf #sopuregolf

22 Replies to “Asking Mac Boucher what his handicap is #golf #sopuregolf”

  1. ThatAsian says:

    Sounds like Ryan from cboys

  2. X P says:

    Me who rides goofy: wdym wrong side?

  3. johnathan says:

    what even is a handicap

  4. Tony Santa says:

    In his position, #PeterFinch swing is where it's at!!!

  5. Dingle says:

    I don’t got a clue what a handicap is other then a someone in a wheel chair

  6. Shane Buck says:

    All North America, All them together, No handicap…this guy is boring as shit! He's trying to hard to be neutral when you can tell he's a goober,

  7. Grant…. 🤦‍♂️

  8. Bread 🍞 says:

    How dare you insult us lefty’s, I stand with the guy swinging the correct way ✊

  9. ScottyDont says:

    Loved the video with him in good good, shanked everything 😂

  10. new to golf, what is a handicap?

  11. Spydr says:

    Man just hearing grant makes me smile and I’m not fully sure why😂

  12. “I love all of North America. I’m just a friendly Canadian.” Love this man

  13. Loofoo Killa says:

    This dude is terrible. Taylor made needs to drop him

  14. NAH _6604 says:

    Dudes stackin up them brownie points. Kind o’l fella

  15. Gavino says:

    Sense u play from the wrong side of the ball lol

  16. I mean he plays golf on the right side of the ball being a lefty.

  17. wren thomson says:

    New to golf, what's a handicap?

  18. Scratching his ass righty

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