Attempting The Hardest Golf Challenge EVER!

The boys are back with another banger on the course! The fellas over at Good good gave us the inspiration to do it ourselves. So today we present to you, the Train Game. Enjoy the video fellas!










Please be warned (and we cannot possibly stress this enough); under no circumstances should any challenges, stunts, or pranks be attempted by any of our viewers. All challenges, stunts, and pranks are performed by trained professionals in a controlled environment and are for entertainment purposes only. Again, do not try anything you see in this content at home and always consult a parent or adult with any questions or concerns.


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34 Replies to “Attempting The Hardest Golf Challenge EVER!”

  1. shoot from your least favourite side. So if you shoot from the right, you know shoot from the left (with mulligan, loser must finish the bottle)

  2. Lights Out says:

    Yo we need to change it up how bout i come down to every college campus this fall with you and we film a pickup basketball session at that university’s rec center. I will put on a show we wont lose boys just give me the rock. Even if we dont film it idc lol. My game is a mix of ginobili/dirk

  3. maun juan says:

    dogs days of august we get. first video that didnt keep my attention. see u next week

  4. Matt Cruz says:

    I guess everyone in these comments makes youtube videos eh holyyy fuck, the fellas are obviously having fun making these videos for us relax a bit

  5. You guys are awesome. Keep the golf coming!!!

  6. Jack Wallis says:

    Why is Luke Kwon in the thumbnail? Lol. Anyway, let’s see some classic drinking vids, it’s what y’all do best. I also say that more as a suggestion because if you guys don’t want to do the drinking content anymore that’s fine too but I know what the boys want to see.

  7. Ryan Garcia says:

    Where’s Luke Kwonnnnnn

  8. Jacob Race says:

    Do a how to throw a house party video using all your experience from the buzzin tour

  9. It’s officially a pivotal moment for the Boys of 98. And I’m worried for them.

    They found success over night, deservedly so, mainly because of their drinking and “frat life” personalities. It worked for me, along with thousands of other people. I was wondering where they could go with their content, and behold the Buzzin’ Across America series, ultimately being their identity. Equally as genius, they filmed sports/drinking videos with college frats, as well Pub Golf content – some of my favorite videos created by the Boys.

    But here’s the deal. Colleges are only in session 8.5 months out of the year. Football is only played 3 months a year. And the college visit list is only getting narrower.

    So where can they provide content during the “offseason?” Golf was a good start, but not the finish. I don’t mind an occasional golf video, but don’t forget who you are. You guys are famous because you annihilate alcohol. Any video where that isn’t being done is an opportunity missed. There is an identity crisis right now. They are competing for eyeballs to stay relevant and be consistent. Much better golf content can be found elsewhere, a la Good Good and Bob Does Sports. But you know what those other guys don’t do? Pound beers. Stick to what got you here, fellas. I know drinking copious amounts of alcohol isn’t sustainable long-term, but every time you hit copy/paste on some random golf video challenge or game that other channels clearly do better, you’re losing eyeballs. And if you keep losing eyeballs, you’ll lose some interest in the Fall content that pays the bills.

    Here’s what I’m trying to say. I’m not a content creator. I don’t have any prior history doing what you do and applaud you for getting here – because it’s not easy. But I do know the direction of what made you guys great, and you’re getting away from it. I didn’t invent the rainy day. I just own the best umbrella.

    Because I love this channel, and all four of the Boys (yeah, even Stef, that weirdo), I really hope that you can still send out consistently amazing content – WITH drinking – no matter what month it is. Drinking content, boys. Whatever that means. Whatever that looks like. That’s what you are. Just do what got you here and you’ll be successful for a long time.

    Love you guys. Thanks for all the laughs. Hope you’re able to turn it around for me, and apparently for other commenters here.

    Ugh, and finally, while I’m here, please do a poll on if the Mac’s Barber Shop segment “works.” It absolutely doesn’t, I just want a poll to show you guys that. The interviews with Chip are also meh, should only stick that content with the shorts, not the BAM vids.

  10. Sajen Perry says:

    everyone complaining about all the golf content obviously doesn’t watch them enough to watch the video they clearly annouced they are back home and will be playing a lot of golf this summer. you fucking bums

  11. Stef is way to bad to play a challenge like this

  12. Kaden Breger says:

    Thought we were getting a boys of 98 and good good collab with that Luke Kwon thumbnail 😢

  13. Talking about getting eagles you guys would never get a eagle 😂

  14. You guys aren’t a golf channel, occasional drinking golf vids is funny. Stop trying to be a golf channel. Using Luke kwan for click bait is low. Major L.

  15. Using Luke Kwon for clickbait??

  16. Do more drinking golf vids

  17. Joe says:

    You guys went from copying nelk to copying good good golf. Pick a lane and stay in it guys cmon everyone wants the best for you but this is not it

  18. theguytye says:

    Can we all agree we’ve seen enough golf content

  19. Jer says:

    Good call on bringing back the line guys 💪

  20. cianci wearing pants now huh

  21. Firecritch says:

    Gotta change up teams. Mac and stef v chip snd cianci is the move I think

  22. Triumphed007 says:

    Luke might play if you ask him but F your clickbait!

  23. Man kinda shitty to clickbait with Luke Kwon

  24. A shot or beer every hole and it takes off a stroke. If u Par every hole, but drink on every hole, then u birdied everytime

  25. Chad Cook says:

    Finally something besides a TikTok!

  26. Kelble says:

    Why Luke Kwon in the Thumbnail…?

  27. Stef is actually improving!

  28. Luke Walsh says:

    Tryna make people think it’s a good good video with the profile pic?

  29. Mac swings the club so much like a hockey player it kills me 😂 and Chanci shooting those video game type draws is wild 😂

  30. Can’t wait for collage football to start . Go blue

  31. Bcar says:

    We need the old challenge videos back. You guys aren’t good enough to transform into a golf channel

  32. We need more drinking boys

  33. Electrocali says:

    Y’all need to step it up. You’re plateauing. If you miss the window it is over.

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