Aug/ Sep Golf Newsletter Golf Lesson: Transition – In this video, New Rules Golf School founder Charlie King discusses the importance of a smooth transition, why it is difficult and 3 drills so you can develop a World-Class transition.


4 Replies to “Aug/ Sep Golf Newsletter Golf Lesson: Transition”

  1. Mike Burton says:

    Good info, thanks.

  2. Zee2tha says:

    forgive me, golf is about making the ball do what you want it to do not about wether you start with hands,fingers or whatever.

  3. simpleswing1 says:

    Sorry, Charlie, you have to work at your backswing – you start it with your hands 🙁

  4. teece99 says:

    @ 3:00 – this is so true.
    If you try to swing slow instinct takes over at the right time, and you end up hitting almost a full-length shot with great rhythm. This tip's great for anyone who tends to rush the downswing.
    Tom Kite struggled with this, and on his final tee shot of the US Open in 1992 (with a 2-stroke lead) he made what felt like a slow motion swing. He later said his goal was to swing as slow as possible. In reality the swing was darn quick, but he hit a great ball. Oh and he won!

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