Autistic Boys Golf 1st Time #shorts

Our boys went to Top Golf for a church activity and this was their first time at a driving range. They did pretty well. Let us know what you think in the comments!
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14 Replies to “Autistic Boys Golf 1st Time #shorts”

  1. I see Connor wears the same shirt in every time. Is it his preference or any sensory isssues

  2. On my south carolina trip at the end of June this year visiting an aunt and uncle I went to top golf and it was so much fun. I did pretty good overall.

  3. Zak Adams says:

    That has to be one of the better views at a golf course

  4. I’ve done both mini golf and top golf

  5. D B says:

    I used to golf as a kid.

  6. Vikram S says:

    Ian is looking more happy and relaxed. How is he doing at school? They seem to be having a good time. My daughter is recently diagnosed with mild autism. She can speak more than 50 words at the age of 2. By what age your kids start communicating their needs even in words? I know it"s been a long time but if you can still recall.

  7. Nice job Connor and Ian.

  8. Darkchipz says:

    Never try real life golf before but I played a Roblox games about golf, I learned many things from that game, Hole In One, Eagle, Birdie, Bogey, Double Bogey and so on

  9. Catie Hays says:

    This is great 4 the older boys 2 do with you..

  10. Zell Hughes says:

    Hope y'all have fun

  11. AviatorOcto says:

    Never been golfing, but looks fun!

  12. Hey guys, i think i might have aspergers but i dont realy wannt to talk with someone about it and i dont realy wannt to ask anyone about it. I dont even know where zo get a diagnosis. Do you have any tips or advice for me?

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