Average Amateur In The Bag (Totally Legit)

In this video Alex gives us a look into his disc golf bag! This is totally legit and has 0 satire throughout. Be on the lookout for some big news in the coming weeks! Thanks for watching! Stay Reliant Baby!


9 Replies to “Average Amateur In The Bag (Totally Legit)”

  1. I bag all Discmania and this is 90% true. The only time you will get a turn is when you get back in your car and go home after trying to throw them.

  2. James Reid says:

    "If you havent picked up that this is a joke" killed me😂😂

  3. I can’t believe the full tilt isn’t one of your rollers

  4. Joel Marble says:

    dang I hope Caleb will be ok after that Paradigm ace. stay frosty boys!!!

  5. Daniel Lopez says:

    Come on Powerade sponsor this man!

  6. royruntx says:

    You all should do a followup video with you actually trying to throw the really overstable discs as rollers, I think that'd be funny to watch!

  7. Edgar says:

    This was just kind of annoying tbh

  8. David Hios says:

    I throw FULL TILT at different stages of wear because of my arm speed, I have 25 of them in my bag, half of them are rollers😂

  9. It's totally logical that you don't throw your hyzer-flip Mutant that much when your don't play in the woods that much! 🤷‍♂ I got my cg P1 last Sunday and it was a banger, going straight in the bag and replacing my Lux Link I think.

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