Awesome Golf vs E6 Comparison – Driving Ranges

Driving range comparison between Awesome Golf and E6 software for the Garmin R10. A quick look at both Awesome Golf and E6 and their driving ranges. Which software do I prefer for my Garmin R10?

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Garmin R10:


2 Replies to “Awesome Golf vs E6 Comparison – Driving Ranges”

  1. Grant Rude says:

    Your videos have been great man! You've brought so much first hand informative impressions and opinions on everything I'm looking into. Keep it up!

    I will say in the E6 vs AG comparison, I much prefer the look/graphics of E6 and I don't like how AG's shot follow camer switches multiple times as the ball hits the ground. I have to take your word on the accuracy, which, for most, I assume is the most important thing. So that has to win out in the end, imo. Price is hard to overlook for me as well.

    In the end none of this matters for me for another 3-5 years.🤣 I've finally decided on the Optishot2 so my sons can play along with me with their plastic toy clubs until they're older.

  2. Close call on that hole in one. You almost had to buy everyone at home a beer.

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