back nine from the back tees. 7-PW Lazrus golf club challenge. #golf #test #hole12 #lazrusgolf

Join me for an exciting golf adventure as we take on the front 9 at the breathtaking Forest Ridge Golf Course. But here’s the twist ā€“ we’re using only the Lazrus 7 iron through pitching wedge from the forward tees!

In this thrilling vlog, we test our skills and creativity, showcasing the versatility of these clubs while tackling each hole with finesse. From precision shots to strategic approaches, watch us navigate the challenges of this picturesque course.

Forest Ridge Golf Course offers a unique blend of lush fairways, undulating greens, and challenging hazards that will put our golfing abilities to the test. As we maneuver through each hole, we’ll provide valuable insights into our club selection, shot-making strategies, and course management.

Stay tuned for plenty of golfing action, laughs, and the occasional surprise as we embark on this extraordinary Lazrus 7 iron to pitching wedge challenge. Whether you’re an avid golfer seeking inspiration or a golf enthusiast looking for an entertaining adventure, this vlog is sure to captivate you.

Hit that subscribe button, grab your favorite golf snacks, and join us on this unforgettable golfing journey at Forest Ridge Golf Course. Don’t miss out on the excitement ā€“ let’s tee off and conquer the front 9 with Lazrus clubs!


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