Backyard Golf Hole Maintenance starting to ramp up.

Ride along as we mow our fairway, green, tee boxes and apply some broadleaf herbicide. I’ve also got an awesome story you will not believe.

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38 Replies to “Backyard Golf Hole Maintenance starting to ramp up.”

  1. Kira Jd says:

    Hey Jeremy,

    Your friendly golf course turf friend, and second time commenter. From the bottom of my heart please buy boards (plastic or wooden, as long as it is thin) to put down on your collars for when you turn the push mower off the green. It will significantly help save the grass on the collar from your sharp turns. Course is looking great this season though, keep up the hard work!

  2. Hey J, I fixed the bare spots on my backyard green by taking hole plugs from the edges of the green with my hole cutter. It took less than a year to fix.

  3. It's about time you start getting some recognition for all the hard work you do. Keep it up.

  4. Ej says:

    Would love to see you cut the fairway in a Zamboni pattern!

  5. I’m from England aswell from a city in the north east called newcastle been watching spud run since about 1000 subs love it so jelouse aswell your a lucky man

  6. Eric Gall says:

    Congratulations on your son's appointment. You must be the proud papa right now.

  7. So much in this one. Your son needs to max out his TSP every month congratulations on your choice to serve the country. Sweet talk those producers. We need spud run to be on the big screen 👍👊. Lastly I’m sure you create a bigger boom for your sprayer. In fact I challenge you to make one and save time spraying.

  8. Chris Wikle says:

    Represent Spud Run!

  9. AVDFI1961 says:

    Best regards from another UK follower and looking forward to seeing Spud Run Golf featuring in Tin Cup 2!

  10. Hollywood, COME ONNNNN

  11. Eli G says:

    More work/mowing for you lol losing a solider to West Point.

    Congrats Dad.

  12. rdrive says:

    Love your videos. Keep up the great work, and good luck in the tournament!

  13. Steven Hite says:

    Good luck playing! Can I be an extra in the movie?

  14. Ross Rankin says:

    Love it all!!! Question…you might have already covered it…but how do you have an outing…with multiple people…and keep the traffic moving?

  15. Chase Mash says:

    Really cool story but be warned! Every time a movie comes on to a golf course they ruin it! Caddy shack obviously obliterate the course, LIV golf even obliterated the course in Australia. I’ve been on movie sets, they have trailers, they have big rigs and camera sets they use to film, they have all sorts of equipment that destroys golf courses.

    Most courses don’t let movies film on them because they destroy them!

    As a hard working man taking care of this course largely by himself, as much as it would be a cool story, I’d be so sad (on your behalf) if they damaged the course that would cost you money and tons of time to fix

  16. Ben says:

    Man that tight shot of the putting surface being mowed shows it all. Can't fake that

  17. Mike G says:

    Videos keep gettin' better and better – c'mon – that extension is coming in great!

  18. Jack Smith says:

    How do you get the gasoline onto your property for all that equipment

  19. Brady Evans says:

    beautiful property man! Love watching the videos

  20. Luke Zurcher says:

    Spud Run goes Hollywood!

  21. casy casy says:

    first congrats to your son for getting in to west point.and it would be so cool to have a movie made there.

  22. I think the movie producer/execs are Spud Run fans using the "scouting location" excuse to expense a trip to the course 🤣

  23. Scott Foster says:

    And he misses it… Terribly. Was a good laugh. Love your channel.

  24. False front into Cairn Creek.

  25. Congratulations to your son!

  26. C-Fifth says:

    looks like a dream place to live, can tell you work hard to not only have something that nice but to keep it that nice!

  27. Killinger says:

    Think you found your niche. The property looks amazing! The movie thong would add to the story. Very cool opportunity!

  28. Rick Lloyd says:

    I’m a Bama boy. I’ve played the Capitol Hill tract many times. Hope you enjoy! And congratulations to your son. That’s awesome!

  29. i want donate some australian number plates. how can i get some to you?

  30. Glad your getting away to relax and play some golf. You must be beaming over you son, God bless and good luck to him.

  31. badbilly429 says:

    Have fun! Love the videos

  32. My wife and I have played “The Judge” there at Capitol Hill! That first tee is a trip. Enjoy brotha 👊

  33. Reid Golf says:


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