Belize & Costa Rica Leave the PDGA | Read Your PDGA Documents Before You Sign!

In July 2023, Belize Disc Golf announced that it would be withdrawing as an affiliate country from the PDGA in solidarity with one of its members, Rosemary Leonard, who had been removed from the PDGA Women’s Committee. Soon after, Costa Rica also announced it would be withdrawing as a PDGA affiliate country in support of Rosemary and Belize. We discussed the events that lead to this decision, the impacts of the PDGA’s policies, and the importance of understanding documents before you sign them.

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0:00 Belize Disc Golf
0:26 Rosemary Leonard’s Post
1:39 The PDGA’s Response
2:12 Belize DG Leaves the PDGA
3:35 PDGA Volunteer Agreement

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28 Replies to “Belize & Costa Rica Leave the PDGA | Read Your PDGA Documents Before You Sign!”

  1. Mark R says:

    Its time local clubs start having more non pdga sanctioned events so they dont get any more money for doing absolutly nothing screw the pdga

  2. Pdga is a cancer to the sport

  3. It was always odd to me that Rosemary was dismissed for discussing what was said in the meeting but later the much of the conversation is published seemingly without concern for privacy.

  4. Todd Kelly says:

    You talk really slow

  5. Forest White says:

    This is exactly why we need a true governing body like the USGA, not some For-Profit Business pretending to be the shepard of the game. Disc Golf is not only the PDGA, although to be fair, they did get us to this point.

  6. The PDGA does not own disc golf. Someone should tell them that. Thank You Belize & Costa Rica!

  7. passerby says:

    PDGA: "We want to be inclusive" as they stomp biological woman's faces into the mud and cater to selfish trans women athletes. Trans Women: "We want to be included and inclusive" As they stomp biological women's faces into the mud even further. It's mind boggling.

  8. daXmusiX says:

    Keep your chin up, Rosemary. Terrific courage. Way to go Belize and Costa Rica!
    The very fact that the PDGA has a man on its women’s committee should send a chill down the spines of all disc golfers.
    And the fact that important conversations are being shrouded in “confidentiality” should also send chills down their spines.
    Modern culture is sick, and the PDGA is kowtowing. Stay brave, ladies!

  9. Thank you thank you thank you, PDGA! I've been back and forth on joining, waiting for the right and cheapest moment. I was thinking October 1st. But now, as someone who has lived internationally, my decision has been made by your decision. No, sir. I will NOT be joining this group.

  10. Bert S says:

    Its pretty simple. Don't allow the autogynephiles to compete against the women, and get them off the board.

  11. Linus Orri says:

    I agree that the minutes should be public, transparency is an important part of keeping power accountable.. Does Belize Disc Golf have their minutes that led to this decision available?
    All this being said it's pretty obvious that a lot of the discussion around trans women in sports is dog whistling for trans hate. You don't have to scroll down for long in the comments before people are saying that trans people are insane.
    I don't know what the solution is to the question of who can compete in what divsion but the inhumane way people are talking about trans people is a much much bigger issue.

  12. Oh no. Not Belize. What is disc golf going to do

  13. jbailey2478 says:

    I send with pdga
    …..keep confused men out of women's sports

  14. "The Transgender Agenda"

    Fucking imbeciles. Threatening people is not any agenda in that group. they have some ideas that may be stupid or whatever but if you leave because of this agenda then you're probably a bible thumping group of idiots anyway and can stay the fuck out.

  15. Yeah, I love disc golf and will still probably play events, but won't be renewing my membership if things don't change real fast. Both with regards to accountability of meetings, but even more so with regards to protecting women in the sport!

  16. zafotbeeb says:

    Just another reason not to have anything to do with such a gutless corrupt organization. The whole board needs to be gotten rid of. Clean house and start over.

  17. Surprise, men are violent

  18. None of this would ever have happened if the PDGA simply made sure that only women (real, biological women, not men pretending to be women or 'identifying' as women) were allowed to compete in the FPO division. It's not rocket science. Why is everyone pretending that it is?

  19. Joshua says:

    The idiot can play in MPO without question but he knows he sucks, so he'll destroy FPO instead. He's a certifiable self-obsessed narcissist a nothing more.

  20. I wish you well but think you are going in a wrong direction. As a gay male I understand inclusion but I also understand that men are built differently than women.

  21. How does the PDGA handle transgender issues while still providing equality to women with two X chromosomes?

  22. NarDawg says:

    Belize disc golf has a point that paying pdga members should be able to read transcripts from meetings directly affecting the positions and directions of the organization

  23. Peter Toft says:

    the anti-trans crowd is ruining this sport.

  24. Yasha Koman says:

    How can you have a man on a “women’s” committee?
    PDGA is turning into a joke.

  25. Dan Gordon says:

    It looks like I will be one PDGA membership fee richer next year. Thanks for covering this.

  26. Greg Russell says:

    "Let the blood run" isn't the statement you want. But i also didnt like Kaepernick kneeling. Doesnt mean their reasons were less valid.

    Rosemary tried to sound kind by saying "how can you talk about acceptance with threats". Yet she just said she was disappointed the meeting wasn't about helping females. AKA not what she thinks a trans female is. Literally not accepting them.

    99% don't have to deal with trans females in our lives. Life is easy. A trans female has to deal with hatred on a level nobody deserves. So I 100% get the "blood" comment.

  27. Van Damage says:

    THE LEFT OWNS THE TERM "IRONY" Sounds like we need to get the weak minded morons, Oops i mean leaders out of the PDGA. The left yet ruining another great thing.

  28. Sam Howl says:

    Crazy, a couple of places with high amounts of ladyboys withdrawal from the PDGA. BIG surprise

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