best zy0x clips of sumeru patch

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0:00 Paimon
01:24 Gearing & Artifact preset
02:55 OUI
06:32 He is normal
10:59 EverybodyHoldHands
14:13 cry
18:35 fry aranaras
19:14 shaft
26:15 Envi, Atsu, Fob
33:08 DORI
34:36 ba
35:48 i forgor what this section was for
40:19 zajef, feng
46:48 LAMENT
51:16 chatters
01:00:19 i forgor this too
01:01:17 VA arc
01:02:07 His mic is not okay
01:02:57 BASED
01:06:06 Twitter moment
01:07:32 XL, Yoimiya
01:14:29 D:
01:17:15 stay in the middle
01:17:58 no relationships
01:19:18 Lisa ILOST
01:20:04 uuh
01:23:54 HUH
01:31:57 KKonaW
01:32:45 Thanks for watching

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48 Replies to “best zy0x clips of sumeru patch”

  1. Its the "Tabernac" for me

    As a french person, he makes me laugh when he's "racist"

    Edit: if you can tell the difference
    between when a Canadian speaks
    french and when a French person
    speaks french you can so tell that
    Zy0x speaks Canadian french

  2. 5:34 i fkn love how they cut what he was saying at the end there

  3. incandescent says:

    finally getting around to watching this, thank you for your service impacz 🫡

  4. Jack Son says:

    (01:03:10) That's probably Zy0x's hardest quote so far…

  5. Lily says:

    thanks for the vid! it got my dad and brother out of jail!

  6. Max Chose says:

    Caliss de tabarnak on est ici tte les Québécois😂

  7. 2:03 zyOx- I just can't with you😭😭

  8. Charlie says:

    brooo i’m telling you, when Zyox speak French, i’m screaming without the s

    droit civil and declaration parlementaire are my favorite 😩

    nice video tho !! 👍 tasty

  9. pls lmao his scara impression is sending me

  10. AL C says:

    bananas that have a what

  11. Ceasar B says:

    As a Xiao main, with Aether, Razor and Kaeya, Xiao is tall.

  12. Chosen Bot says:

    1:31:01 ayo indo gang apa kabar anuan kambing

  13. Teddy says:

    Damn he wanna deep fried aranara😭

  14. AkiraN says:

    "I'm not the Jerma of Genshin-"

    Oh my God, he is

  15. kasa says:

    zy0xx whimpering compilation when

  16. Fasih Zaman says:

    zajefs laugh is so contagious especially at 38:13

  17. NAPtubexvii says:

    I just got one thing to say… Alhaitham

  18. Piinchers_ says:

    The quick cut from Zy0x being chill hating on Paimon, to him SCREAMING in a maid outfit had me CAKCLING

  19. dd says:

    thank you for one hour of zyox i out this as background noise to so my summer class and i have never finished my work faster

  20. f says:

    i hate him why is he so funny (paid actor)

  21. H4DESROSE says:

    6:47 the Elmo laugh 😭

  22. Skittey says:

    I just watched 1 hour of zy0x i need therapy

  23. MoonlitHolly says:

    This released on my birthday!! thanks for compiling all these, I hope we get just as many amazing moments in fontaine!

  24. Zaxton Hong says:

    Holy shit I can't breathe lmfao

  25. fum fum says:

    the end of an era…

  26. Jubbly says:

    Can someone send the link of the zy0x Lantern rite stream?

  27. LacyX says:

    no way i just watched 1 hour and 33 minutes of zyox clips and enjoyed it

  28. shark gummy says:

    Amazing compilation. 😢 I cried.

  29. ale-ka says:

    truly one of the genshin streamers

  30. Mm Mm says:

    I can't believe I just watched an hour long zyox compilation
    What am I doing with my life

  31. Meffle says:

    I love how every clip insulting British people falls into the Atsu section of this video

  32. Belkat says:

    i AGREE i like paimon but shes been kinda rude in the current events, it like caught me off guard

  33. Nagy Bianka says:

    16:36 Daenerys Targaryen could never.

  34. Jaydino14 says:

    Epic compilation thanks ❤❤

  35. wha t says:

    zy0x clips to pee on your keyboard

  36. What demons is that guy fightning?

  37. Flwrveins says:

    thank you for this video i have already finished watching it. this video saved my life, my cat's ninth life, my college tuition, and my salary. i genuinely appreciate the efforts into putting the clips fully arranged and organized. i would also like to thank zyox for being a

  38. Valnea aa says:

    Well, he talks more to Alhaitham than Kaveh ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  39. Einhasad says:

    8/10 imdb, this was really good

  40. It's CKY says:

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing

  41. Axielle says:

    everybody hold hands truly deserving of a section of its own

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